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If he pays a lot of attention to you, even if sometimes it seems like negative attention, there is a good chance that he does have a little crush on you. Of course, there is also the chance that he's just a bully and has singled you out to pick on for some reason. When it comes to knowing whether or not someone "likes" you, there is no sure formula, because everyone is different. If he never acts on his feelings, then there's a chance you may never know whether or not he likes you. It's all just part of being a teenager. You'll grow out of this state soon enough. Try not to worry too much about it.

Thanks, although i'd like to point out that I'm 21 in three weeks so the teenager stuff has kind of finished lol. My problem is actually quite long winded, hence the confusing question. I'm not sure how to ask it. He's definitely not a bully and when I need him to, he really helps me out. But for example, he'll comment on a picture of me and instead of perhaps complimenting me like I do to him (most of the time), he'll say something stupid like, there's one where I'm wearing red lipstick and he said "yuk, red lipstick". It's all so confusing, but I don't want to ask him upfront because firstly, I fear rejection and secondly, I love having him as a friend anyway and feel that if I said something, that may be ruined!

2015-04-22 16:44:55
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What if a boy tell you that he likes you but he is only joking?

* well, he pobably was joking, but deep down he probably likes you *

How to know if a guy likes u through texting?

You can know if a guy likes u through text messages by looking at the length of the conversation between you and him, and how long takes before responding to your texts, and if he ever initiates chats.

What does it mean if a guy initiates texts with you uses EMOJIS and does not want you to leave once you start a conversation?

No. It could mean he likes you, but it could mean that his partner is robbing you, or anything in between.

How do you know a girl likes your sex?

She constantly initiates and tells you that she does like your sex.

What does it mean if a guy either initiates texts with you or quickly responds to you?

If a guy initiates texts or responds quickly to messages, it generally means he likes you and wants to get to know you.

If a girl teases you but immediately says she is joking is it a good indicator that she likes you?

she likes you but don't get a big head and rush

Does a teacher like you if he starts a random conversation with you?

no the teacher just likes random conversation

What does it mean when a guy teases and is sarcastic?

He either Likes you, hates you, or is just joking with you.

What does it mean when a girl keeps making fun of you and hits you but in a joking way?

She likes you

What does it means when a guy tells you that you are hot?

He likes you. Or he is joking, but you would know the difference

If a guy tells you he likes chatting with you online does that mean he has a crush on you?

haahahhahha are you joking ... ? no

Why do guys make fun of girls in a joking way?

It's cause he likes you ;)

What is the best way to tell if a guy likes you?

if he is always messing around with you such as he is always joking with you

What does it mean when a guy calls you sugar?

He could just be joking, but there's a possibility he likes you.

What does it mean if a guy says Can I have your number so we can continue this conversation later?

either was really in the conversation or likes you

Does a girl like you if they are mean to you a lot but then tell you that they were joking?

It doesn't necessarily mean the girl likes you, but it does mean that she likes to tease you and be mean to you. I guess she wants to see the reaction from you and then says she was only joking. In my opinion, she is playing with your feelings. I would walk away.

When a guy wants to keep the conversation going does that mean he likes you?

Either that or he finds the topic of conversation fascinating or amusing.

How does she feel about you?

How she feels about you will vary. Is she likes you, she will smile at you or start a conversation with you.

Why does naruto reject sakura?

Naruto thinks that she is joking about her feelings for him and that he believes she still likes sasuke

How do you get a guy to say if he likes you without making it awkward?

make conversation, and give him questions that are difficult but that will make him say that he likes you. ask him what he likes in you.

What if she looks at you sometimes but she doesnt talk unless you make a conversation?

You should go up to her and start a conversation. First maybe you should find out what she likes so you can have a conversation about that

How do you know whether a guy likes you from his conversation?

from eyes you can guess, see if there is liquid in eyes than be sure he likes you

Does a boy like you if he wrestles with you and picks on you?

what do you mean by wrestles? because if he is just kidding he probably likes you and if he picks on you in a serious way no, but if he is joking around with you, yes.. he likes you

How do you know if the guy likes you is confident or shy?

Look into his eyes and have a conversation.

Working in a restaurant and a guy comes in and we caught each others eye and made lots of eye contact and smiles then he started a conversation are theses signals he likes me?

It sounds as though he is interested in you.