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If he pays a lot of attention to you, even if sometimes it seems like negative attention, there is a good chance that he does have a little crush on you. Of course, there is also the chance that he's just a bully and has singled you out to pick on for some reason. When it comes to knowing whether or not someone "likes" you, there is no sure formula, because everyone is different. If he never acts on his feelings, then there's a chance you may never know whether or not he likes you. It's all just part of being a teenager. You'll grow out of this state soon enough. Try not to worry too much about it.

Thanks, although i'd like to point out that I'm 21 in three weeks so the teenager stuff has kind of finished lol. My problem is actually quite long winded, hence the confusing question. I'm not sure how to ask it. He's definitely not a bully and when I need him to, he really helps me out. But for example, he'll comment on a picture of me and instead of perhaps complimenting me like I do to him (most of the time), he'll say something stupid like, there's one where I'm wearing red lipstick and he said "yuk, red lipstick". It's all so confusing, but I don't want to ask him upfront because firstly, I fear rejection and secondly, I love having him as a friend anyway and feel that if I said something, that may be ruined!

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Q: How do you know if a guy likes you if he initiates conversation with you even though he is quite nasty to you in a joking way?
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