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He is more silent than he usually is because he is thinking how to propose and if you will acept his answer. It is hard to tell and easy to misread the signs. The only true way to know is to wait for him to do it, as men don't express their emotions very well mostly.

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Q: How do you know if a man is going to propose?
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Do you tell anyone you are going to propose?

Yes, it is quite common for a man of any age to tell a best friend or his parents that he is going to propose to the love of his life.

How do you know if a man really wants to marry you?

He'll propose.

How do you know if a man will ever propose?

just ask him,say,i was wondering do you ever wanna get married.And if says yes,ask him how he would going about preposing,just as a question.

Can you get married on imvu?

Yes You Can And How You Can Is Fall In Love With Somebody On IMVU And If Your A Man Propose To The Lady And If Your A Lady Propose To The Man Or Wait For Him To Propose To You :Hope I Helped:

How can you tell your boyfriend is going to propose?

if he is acting suspicious and he is always sneeking out the house or he says he is going somewhere but you just know he is lying its probably that he is going to buy the wedding ring.. and if he is spending a lot of money just to take you to dinner he will most likely propose...

What are some ways to propose marriage to a man?

If you are going to propose to a man, please first be sure he is going to be comfortable with you being the proposer. Also, be confident he will say yes. Find somewhere that has meaning to you, like maybe the first place you said I love you, and tie the proposal concept into that. Michele Velazquez Proposal Planner

How do girls know when their boyfriend is going to propose to her?

Generally when he gets down on one knee and pulls out a diamond ring....

When is he going to propose?

When he's ready.

Is Justin Bieber going to propose to seleana Gomez?

No because right now in 2012 they have prombles I I sure he not going to propose to selena

How can you propose a girl if ido not know anything about her?

There is no way to propose if you don't know the girl and what is the point in proposing?

How do you know if he is going to propose?

I think deep down you really know if he is going to propose. There has to be some kind of signs, like have you been talking about living together? Making long term plans? People don't do that unless they are committed. Has he been asking you weird questions about things you like or dislike...or styles?

There is a girl you like her you dont know she like you or not she chat you on orkut but still you didnt propose her how you com to know that she like mee?

Firstly to impress a girl improve your grammar and secondly if you got guts then be a man and propose her face to face . Good Luck ;)

How do you propose a girl if you don't know her on freshers day?

Don't propose then idiot

How do you propose marridge to a man?

ask to married me

Why won't he propose?

A man will propose when he feels it's right. Don't make it seem obvious that you want him to propose, always make him feel comfortable.

How do you make a girl propose?

If you are a man then why don't you just propose to her. If not then otherwise your a different sex or just tell her to propose to you :L Other ways: Inception

Is Justin Bieber going to propose?

No not yet he's only 15 but hot. he's to young to propose.

Is Daniel Radcliffe going to propose?

He is probably Going to marry roseanne Coker

How do you purpose a unknown girl?

You don't. You have to get to know her first.

A man who is American can propose a girl 2 times before he has met her the first on phone and seconds meet a person?

Matters proposing to someone are usually personal. It is usually important to propose to someone that you know very well.

Is Justin Beiber going to propose to Selena Gomez?


Can a Muslim woman propose marriage to a man in Islam?

yes......becoz hazrat hadeeja propose our holy prophet

Was Professor Layton going to propose to Claire?

Well, if you are talking about in the Unwound Future,when Hershel and Claire were in the restaurant together, that scene was probably the time he was going to propose.We can only guess though, since he didn't actually go through with it. We know that he thought she was the one, but he never actually took the chance he had... :(

Did Taylor laughtner propose to Taylor Swift?

No I know for a fact that taylor lautner did NOT propose to taylor swift

How do you get your sims marreied on sims3?

Suggest going steady and propose.