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Female toads have bigger black spots than male toads. Male toads are usually smaller than females.

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How do you know when toads are breeding?

When a male toad is on top of a female toad. You can tell the difference because male toads have darker markings that a female toad. Toad's main breeding spot is at the edge of a pond or creek. The male toad sends out loud croaks and the lounder the croak, the quicker it is to get a girl!

How do you tell the male fowler's toad from the female fowler's toad?

A male has a black dot on the bottom of it's lip,as a female does not.

How can you tell a boy and a girl toad apart?

The only way I know of to find out if the frog or toad is either female or male is when you dissect it, if it is a female you will see black clumps of what are eggs. And if it is a male you will not see these egg clumps.

How do you tell the female Houston Toad from the male?

The male Houston Toad has a black chin, while the feamle does not.

How do you tell a male or female fire bellied toad apart?

From what I have learned, there are two ways to tell the difference between a male and female fire bellied toad. The first is the male toad " barks ". Usually it is to the female. The next is if you look at the toads fore arms, the male should have bigger forearms than the female. On the male, it will look as if he has big muscles on his forearms.

Is a male or female common toad tadpole bigger?

a female is bigger

What is a opposite gender of a toad?

Toad is not a gender, it is a species. Genders are male and female (with various combinations or transformations between male and female also being possible).

How do you know if a horned toad is a female or male?

Frogs will actually change their sex. For example in a pond full of male frogs they change into a male. They do not have to breed to reproduce.

Can there be just a female fire belly toad to have children?

No, there needs to be a male and a female.

Is toad masculine or feminine?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.The noun 'toad' is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female.

Can a female toad have eggs with no male?

Well a frog or toad probably have eggs with no male but I'm pretty sure they have to have a male so the males will mate and squeeze the eggs out cause i have 3 fire bellied toads 2 females 1 male and the male mates with one female but we the female usually tries to swim away.

How can you tell the difference between a female horned toad and a male?

If you look under it.

How do you know if a toad is female?

presence of female organs lack of padding on forelegs

How can you tell a female Boreal Toad from a male Boreal Toad?

Thumbs of males are enlarged for grasping females during reproductive efforts.

Do you need a male and a female toad to have babies?

yes you do because if you only have a female toad itll only have eggs and they don't hatch and if you have m. an f. together the male firtilisers the eggs this may sound discusting but it furtilisis it by peeing on them

How do you know if chameleons are female or male?

how do you know if your pygmy chameleon is a male or a female

Is it true that you can tell a girl toad from a boy toad by it's colors?

There are many ways to tell the difference male and female toads. go to this website and it shows good differences between male and female toads.

How do you know the sex of a fire-bellied toad?

If you put 2 f. bellied toads together in the spring and summer, the male will bark and the female will respond by having sex w/ the male.

How do you tell from a girl toad or a boy toad?

here is a website showing the many differences between male and female toads.

How can you tell if a girl toad is pregnant?

A female toad lays eggs and a male will fertilize them.

how do we know if this is a male couger or a female cougar?

male cougars have fur females don't

Is a stag male or female do you know?

A male.

What are the names of the male and female mosquito?

female is anopheles but i don't know the male

How do you know if the male like the female beta?

because the male will try and get on the female

How would you know if the frog is male or female?

if it is a female it will be sitting if it is a male it will be jumping

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