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The standard British decimal Two Pound commemorative coins issued from 1986 to 1996, are made from a nickel-brass alloy.

The standard British decimal bimetal Two Pound general circulation coin issued from 1997 onwards, have a nickel-brass outer ring and cupro-nickel inner.

No British decimal general circulation coin contains any precious metal.

If you have a decimal Proof gold or silver coin, there will be a reference to the gold or silver content on the box it came in when you bought it, and a certificate of authenticity.

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See the link below, the section on counterfeiting.

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Q: How do you know if the British Two Pound coin is gold?
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How do you know if your 1995 British dove of peace Two Pound coin is gold or nickel brass?

All British general circulation Two Pound coins are made from a nickel-brass alloy. If your Proof coin is gold, it will say so on the box it came in, and it will possibly also have a certificate of authenticity with the coin. The fact that your gold coin would have cost a few hundred pounds to purchase originally will also be a good indicator.

Where there any British commemoratives coins issued in 1893?

Yes. The concept of a commemorative coin as we know it today did not catch on until the 1970's however, British commemorative coins have been issued for nearly 200 years. It was the practice to issue a gold Five Pound coin (Quintuple Sovereign) for the coronation of a new king or queen, or for a Silver, Gold or Diamond Jubilee. There was often a Crown coin issued for these occasions as well. Neither coin had an inscription or a specially designed image indicating the nature of the commemoration as is the case today. 1893 was Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee year and a gold Five Pound coin (Quintuple Sovereign) was issued for the occasion. Although substantially larger, the coin has the same general appearance as any Sovereign coin issued for the period 1893 to 1901 showing the old veiled bust of Queen Victoria.

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What is the value of an 1893 british gold coin with the inscription Victoria dei with 25 mm in diameter?

No coin that I know of really matches the specifications you have listed. There is the British Sovereign coin, which is gold and was struck in 1893 but only has a diameter of 22.05 MM. There is also the "double sovereign" but that has a diameter of 28.40 MM. So, without knowing exactly what your coin is, its very hard to estimate a value of it. But somewhere from $300-$800 depending on what your coin actually is.

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