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When an understanding person tell's you, you are gothic. Then ask him/her make a list of why he/she thinks your gothic. Then see what he/she written & see if what he/she wrote is true about yourself.

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Q: How do you know if you are a goth?
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Can a black person be goth?

Yes. Anyone can be goth. of course! i know many of all sorts of races!

Why do young people call themselves goth why do they call themselvs this?

It's because they want to be 'Cool' But there are NOT. That's called being a 'Poser'. Ask them how 'Goth' started if they DON'T know they are Not Goth, If they Can..... Well They ARE A Goth!

Is being goth okay?

If you are goth and you know the true meaning of it then yes..if you have no idea what a goth is and what the lifestyle of it is then no it is not okay because you are practically making fun of it(not that we care that much).

What is the goth population of North Hampton?

Why do you even want to know? I don't know how you could find out. It's not like it asks if your goth or emo on censuses.

How to tell parents youre a goth?

you don't. just start wearing goth clothing and tell them you like it. they will know that you are.

How do you know if your a goth?

Well for one, you shouldn't be bothered with labels. Two, it depends on how you act, dress, and what you believe. If you believe you're a goth, then you're a goth. If not, then you aren't. Simple.

How do you know if your goth?

Goth is not something you tend to happen upon. It is not a gene, a disease, or a personality trait. Becoming or being a goth is a decision that must be made consciously by a singular being. For example, I myself decided to become goth. You can dress in black, listen to heavy metal and gothic music, and follow other such "typical" gothic traits, and still not be goth. Being goth is something you decide. Conversely, you can be goth without having any of the stereotypical looks or lifestyles. Therefore, in order to know if you are goth, you simply have to decide for yourself; yes or no.

Is it fun to be goth?

yes but if you are not goth dont ask because if ur not then why be. i am goth so keep asking me these questions ------------------------------------------------------- Being Goth is a lifestyle, for others a phase. Many Goths enjoy life (contrary to the stereotype.) So, I suppose being Goth would be 'fun.' I have been called Goth so I would know a little about it.

What do you do if people call you emo or goth but your not even close to being emo or goth?

If you're the opposite of a goth or Emo (those are two different things by the way. They should not confuse them) and people think you are them, then they don't know what a true Goth is. It's a state of mind before it's a style. Just because you wear black doesn't make you Goth. Either way, tell them that they don't know what a true Goth is, and ignore it. Besides, you shouldn't be that ashamed of being called Goth. If your child feels that they want to be goth let them do it just NO BAD MUSIC!!!!

Could you be a goth even if you smile easily?

im not a goth myself however i happen to know one and you will find that goths can smile the dont very causaly but they do from time to time and if its your persnal question then its up to you wever you smile or not goth or no goth (y)

What do Trace and Branson Cyrus look like?

no trace Cyrus is a goth and branson Cyrus is cute CORRECTION: Trace Cyrus is NOT goth. I don't know what Trace Cyrus considers himself to be, but it isn't GOTH.

Why is Andy sixx goth?

Andy Six is not Goth. He looks Goth, and is accused of being Goth. But Andy publicly stated that he is not Goth.

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