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This is hard to answer, are you meaning how do you know you are pregnant, or how do you know it is the perfect time of the month? When you look at a calander and keep track of your period, you will have an answer as to when it is perfect time for your egg to get fertalized. This web site will explain the timing of your egg. If you're asking about if you are pregnant or not, best to wait at least a month if not more before taking a test. However, some believe you can find out within 48 hours after sex.

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Symptoms of pregnancy will vary. Many early signs mimic premenstrual symptoms. The best way to tell if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test once your period is late.

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Q: How do you know if you have a fertilized egg?
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How do you know if a bee egg is going to be a boy or a girl?

If an egg that is laid is fertilized, it will become a female worker bee. If it was not fertilized, it will become a drone (male).

Why is it necessary for an egg to be fertilized?

It is necessary for an egg to be fertilized so the egg can hatch.

What is a fertilized female egg cell called?

A fertilized egg cell is when a sperm enters an egg. The result is a fertilized egg cell, or a zygote.

Is A zygote is a fertilized egg.?

Yes, a zygote is a fertilized egg.

Do all women bleed when the egg is fertilized?

No, they bleed during implantation. When the egg is fertilized, it happens in the space of the fallopian tube. In a sense, the body doesn't "know" there's a fertilized egg until implantation occurs. There are no signs of fertilization before implantation.

Do you have an upset stomach when your egg is fertilized?

Yes, it is possible to have an upset stomach the moment your egg has been fertilized. A pregnancy test will be the only way to know for sure if you are pregnant.

When a sperm unites with an egg what is the fertilized egg?

The gametes, or "sex cells" - the sperm and ovum (egg) - become the fertilized egg (zygote) when they fuse.

Where does a fertilized egg implant?

A fertilized egg implants into the Uterus.

How does the sperm go about keeping the egg fertilized?

The sperm doesn't have to. Once the egg is fertilized it stays fertilized.

How do farmers know which eggs are not fertilized?

After the eggs have been sitting for awhile, use a flashlight and put it on the side of the egg which is not facing you and shine the light through the egg. If you do not see a dark, small object inside the egg then the egg is not fertilized.

What becomes a fertilized egg?

When a bird's egg is fertilized, a chick is developing inside.

What does egg cell mean?

A fertilized egg cell is when a sperm enters an egg. The result is a fertilized egg cell, or a zygote.