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You will have had a blood test that would have diagnosed that shortly after your birth. If you want to test that, go eat a couple packs of Equal sweetener...if you get deathly ill, you probably have PKU.

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What is Phenylketonuria PKU?


What are the causes of phenylketonuria?

Phenylketonuria is a genetic disorder caused by a mutation of the PAH gene.

What percentage of the world's population has phenylketonuria?

2.42% of the world's population has Phenylketonuria (pku)

What is the inability to metabolize phenylalanine called?

It's called Phenylketonuria:

What does PKU stand for?


What is the abbreviation for phenylketonuria?


Is phenylketonuria chromosmal?


How long did it take to discover phenylketonuria?

Phenylketonuria is a genetic disorder that was first discovered in 1934 by Dr. Asbjorn Folling of Norway

Is phenylketonuria a learning disability?

Phenylketonuria (PKU) is a rare genetic condition that is present from birth. It is a learning disability that can damage the brain.

What limitations do a person have if they have phenylketonuria?

your mother

Is phenylketonuria dominant or recessive?

It is Recessive.

Are there different forms of PKU or phenylketonuria?


How do you prevent phenylketonuria?

no, because it is a genetic mutation..

Is phenylketonuria a single gene disorder?


What type of autosomal disease is phenylketonuria?


How do you pronounce phenylketonuria?

fenill-ket- inureeah

Phenylketonuria results from an inability to metabolize?


What are the amino acids which can't accumulate?


How many children with Phenylketonuria in the US?

1 in 15,000

What are the treatments for Phenylketonuria?

try to avoid artificial sweetners

What has the author Elizabeth Jane Munro Hinchley written?

Elizabeth Jane Munro Hinchley has written: 'A study of nutritional factors in phenylketonuria' -- subject(s): Phenylketonuria, Nutrition

What are the possible symptoms to phenylalanine?

Phenylalanine is an amino acid. When someone is unable to break phenylalanine down, the condition is called Phenylketonuria. Phenylketonuria is usually diagnosed in newborn babies. Symptoms of phenylketonuria are seizures, tremors, small head size, delayed mental and social skills, and skin rashes.

What are the symptoms of the phenylketonuria disease?

Phenylketonuria causes delayed mental and social skills, below average head size, hyperactivity, skin rashes, seizures, tremors, and intellectual disability.

Is phenylketonuria sex-linked?

No, its an autosomal recessive disease.

What is a genetic disorder in which an essential digestive enzyme is missing?


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