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When the woman becomes pregnant.

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Q: How do you know if you have released sperm inside a woman?
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How many hours does a male sperm or Y sperm live inside a woman's body. I heard that they die off much faster than their X Sperm counter parts?

I dont know much about x or y sperm but i do know sperm can survive up to 72 hours my doctor told me that.

How do you know if a girl has sperm?

You can be sure that no woman has sperm because only men has that.

How do you know the sperm is inside the vagina?

Most likely if a man's penis has been in or around a vagina there is sperm inside.

What is a sperm?

a sperm is A male gamete or reproductive cell or in a way that we all can understand...the cell thing from a man's penis that is in cum. when the cum goes into the vagina it releases sperm cells causing pregnancy

Where does the sperm enter the women?

From what I know, all the guys have to do is release the sperm inside a women and it goes into their womb.

Is sperm bad to the human body?

Short Answer:If the sperm is from a healthy individual there should be no Ill effects from it.More than you really wanted to know!Sperm is the cause of the Human body, we are made when a man & a woman have sex & the male ejaculates sperm inside a woman & the egg is fertilized, so with out the sperm there would be no you or me!Sperm is natural and a part of life. if you get it on your skin, it isn't an irritant or corrosive. If consumed it contains proteins & sugars & no bad effect.

Where does the sperm enter the womens body?

From what I know, all the guys have to do is release the sperm inside a women and it goes into their womb.

How many sperm enter the woman's uterus?

One ejaculation contains 200 million sperm but if all of them makes it to the uterus is hard to know.

How do you know sperm wont get you pregnant if you swallow it?

because it cannot be fertilizer be the girl ova

What are the release dates for Do You Know This Woman - 1911?

Do You Know This Woman - 1911 was released on: USA: 16 March 1911

How can you know that sperm meet the egg?

To know if conception occured you have to wait until the woman misses her period and takes a pregnancy test to confirm.

How do you know if your sperm can impregnate a woman?

You would need to undergo tests to know for sure - but most men have no problems in that regard. Tests would count the average number of sperm present - which is important - and wouldsee how healthy they are.

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