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You can only tell if the Betta male makes a bubble nest at the top of the tank. That means that the betta female is going tohave their eggs.

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Q: How do you know if your Betta Fish is pregnant?
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Related questions

How do you know when your fighting fish is pregnant?

Male betta fish will build a "bubble nest" when they are getting interested in procreating. Betta fish do not get pregnant they lay their eggs in these nest.

How does a female betta fish get pregnant?

She breeds with a male Betta Fish.

How long can a betta fish stay pregnant?

Betta's are egg layers; they don't get pregnant.

How do you know a betta fish is pregnant?

Betta fish are egg layers, so they don't get pregnant.Put a male and a female together in a large tank with a place for the female to hide and for them to swim and they should have babies called fry.

Can a male betta fish get pregnant?

The male fish will take care of the young, once the female lays the eggs then remove the female from the tank or the male betta will injure or kill her. Can a male betta fish get pregnant ? The answer is no.

Can betta fish get pregnant?


Can boy betta fish get pregnant?

of course not!!!

How will you know if your betta fighting fish is pregnant?

she will have a white pearl looking thing right below her bottom fin!

How long are betta fish pregnant?

Betta fish do not get pregnant Once a female releases her eggs the male fertilises them and places them in a bubble nest that he has made prior to mating

How can you tell when a betta fish is pregnant?

Bettas are egg layers so they do not get pregnant.

Why does your betta fish look pregnant?

I guess your Betta has a roundish tummy. That is its normal body shape. Bettas certainly can not be pregnant because they are egg layers and don't get pregnant.

What does a betta fish need to survive?

Betta fish live in water that is 20 or 22 degree C.I know so because I have my own Betta fish.

How do you get to know your new betta fish?

Hi. You can get to know your betta by examining what they do and how they react to things.

How do you tell if your betta fish is pregnant?

Female betta fish lay eggs. If the female has vertical stripes that stand out, she is going to lay her eggs soon.

How can you know males betta from female?

Male betta fish are really colorful and generally larger. Female betta fish are clear colored and small. Male betta fish are probably the easiest to find as well.

Why would a betta have a puffy stomach?

It's because it is sick or pregnant if it is pregnant that means your going to have babies in a couple of months and in that time you should take care of your betta fish but if she or he is sick you should put some medicine in that tank so your betta fish won't die!

How do you spell betta fish?

Exactly as you spelled it in your question; a Betta fish is also known as a Siamese Fighting is spelled "Betta", or its other name, "Siamese Fighting Fish." I know alot about Betta's. :D

How do you know if your betta fish is a boy or girl?

Typically a male betta fish as longer flowing fins than the female

Can you breed betta fish in a goldfish bowl?

No and do not even attempt to breed Betta fish unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Do betta fish know how to do tricks?

Y-E-S they can! Go to youtube and type betta fish doing tricks.

How do you know when your betta fish is going to attack another fish?

Generally speaking, Betta fish will puff up and frill out their fins when acting agressively.

What should you know about having a betta fish?

that they r mean to other betta fish and 4 somthing that's mean a gold fish can kill it weird...

A picture of a pregnant betta fish?

It's impossible for a female to be pregnant. They are egg layers. Females can be eggy, though.

What are signs of a female Betta fish being pregnant?

they are spawners. they dont get "pregnant"

Betta fish 2 years old maybe overfed his stomach swelled and then a white spot appeared in his side he won't eat much and sinks to the bottom a lot and is not making his bubbles what do I do?

I think your betta fish is a female. I'm assuming that it is pregnant because female betta fish have a white spot on their stomach if they're pregnant. If you have another male fish, [ but he has to be ready to mate. You can tell if he is ready if he is creating a bubble nest.] try putting them together. Before you do that, try looking for infos on them first [just in case]. I don't want things to go wrong because I might've told you the wrong things. I'm just a child that happens to take care of 2 betta fish and doesn't know about them much.. I'm not a professional of betta fish, but I found these information on the internet. I have two betta fish myself, and one lost its color.I wanted to look more info on betta fish, and learn how to take care of them better. Eventually, I learned many new things about them. Maybe you can learn more about betta fish since you are taking care of one. It's just a suggestion, but I tried looking them up on the comp and it helped me a lot. I just wanted to let you know what i have experienced. ^^ I can give you a site that tells you a lot of info about betta fish. I got most of my info about them in this site: If you want to learn more about betta fish, then just go on google, and search about them. I hope this helped and hope that your betta fish is alright.^^~!

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