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when u are logged off plz dont tell anyone ur pass cos if they do they will steal your clothes send it 2 their accont!! and spend your coins and plus they will also send nasty messges 2 your friends i hope this really helped xx !! add me Famousegirl200

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Movie star planet

How do you know that your going to get hacked on movie star planet? Well if you seen movie star planet HACKER you now how she looks so if you see her on your Movie Star Planet log-in do not log-in because shes watching you will your typing in your user name and password. So if you see her on your " Movie Star Planet " login DO NOT LOGIN try a nother time to login

if not understand check out "Movie Star Planet HACKER "

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if you are being hacked on movie star planet the make sure that every time you go on movie straplanet u change your password and each time you do it make it longer and longer

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Q: How do you know if your hacked in Movie Star Planet?
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