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Steps needed to diagnose injectors :

Safety first . Be careful around engine compartment . Avoid moving parts and electrical parts that might shock you . Wear safety glasses and gloves .

Read all steps first . If your primary concern is injectors , then this diagnose will help . It is not necessary for there to be fuel pressure in the fuel lines since it is not the fuel pump or pressure that determines when the injectors open .

1 - Multimeter - Turn car off . Disconnect injector electrical connector and measure the resistance of the injector by placing multimeter to read ohms . Resistance varies by make and model . Average is 15 ohms for some GM models . Refer to a Haynes or Chilton manual for specific resistance value . If it passes resistance test that means that the electrical portion of the injector is ok .

2 - Noid light (available for rental at some auto parts stores including Advance Auto Parts ) - Disable coil(s) so car won't start by accident . Disconnect electrical connector to injector . Connect noid light to electrical connector . Crank ( not start ) engine using key switch (not a remote starter ) and look to see that the noid light flashes/lights up steadly . If it lights up then the connector is carrying voltage to injector . If it didn't light up the wires might have a short or computer is defective . Check the all fuses , relays , and engine codes ( if any ) before determining a short or computer is At Fault .

3 - Stethoscope/screwdriver - Leave the coil(s) diabled . If the injector is at least getting voltage ( step 2 ) then you can perform the third and most important test . Recconect the electrical connector to the injector . Have a friend Crank ( not start ) the engine using key switch ( not remote starter ) while you place the stethoscope against injector and listen for a clicking sound . This is the sound of injector opening . If you do not have a stethoscope , $14 at Sears , then place a long screwdriver against injector and listen through handle (avoid coming in contract with engine , specially electrical and moving parts ) . If you don't hear any sound coming from injector then it is failing to open and this means the injector is BAD .

  • Step 3 can be performed with one person with the engine running , vehicle in Park Position , and wheels shocked . Remember to stay away from moving parts and anything electrical that might shock you .
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Q: How do you know if your injectors are bad?
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How exactly do you know if the crank shaft sensor is bad?

when the hall effect and ignition module are good, the injectors and coil no work maybe this sensor is bad

1999 Astro have replaced many parts now told injectors bad how do you know for sure rough running when engine warm ses light on?

if you have standard injectors .you use an ohmmeter. to test for the ohm resistance

How to know when the fuel injectors need to be replaced or repaired?

pull the fuel injectors out and disconnect all electronics but one and put a plastic bottel on it now run the starter, if it is a nice mist you are ok, if it sprays then they are bad.

Why does a gm jimmy pulsate?

bad spark, bad gas, bad emissions controls, bad injectors...take your pick.

1995 sunfire the injectors fill the cylinders with gas after you changed the O rings on two injectors?

you have bad orings, wrong size, orings or you broke the other injectors or the their orings

Why would the engine idle unevenly?

timming is off bad plugs & wires bad injectors

How do you know when the fuel injectors are bad on a 1996 Chevy Lumina?

Your check engine light should come on. You will have poor performance from the engine, no get up and go.

Gas is to rich in 06 F150 what to do?

Check the fuel injectors . one or more are bad or going bad.

Do you have to replace all fuel injectors if only two are bad on a 1996 dodge stratus?

If two injectors have failed it is more than likely that the other injectors could fail. I would replace all the injectors, or at least inspect them for possible failure

What makes your 1999 f250 diesel have a miss in the motor?

Injectors could be bad

Why does your ford power stroke diesel loss power?

could be bad injectors

No power to fuel injectors on 1987 Chevy S 10?

Replace you ignition module, It controls both spark and power to the injectors. You can have spark but the module may be bad and not giving power to the injectors and the vehicle will not run.

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