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We receive light from the Sun, the planets, the stars.

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Q: How do you know light can travel through outer space?
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What does Light waves travel the fastest through?

outer space

How do we know light can travel through outer space?

We can see stars.

Does light need a medium through which to travel?

No, it does not. It can travel through any open space. Sound, unlike light, needs a medium to travel. So light can travel through outer space but sound cannot because there is no medium.

Why is it impossible for sound to travel through outer space?

In outer space there is no air medium for travelling of sound it is impossible for sound to travel through outer space ..!!

Why can light travel through space from the sun to the earth but sound cannot travel through space?

light travels in straight lines thus is not affected by outer space being a vacuum. Sound on the other hand requires atoms to "bounce" off and vibrate through.

Does light travel fast outer space?


What type of material can travel through space?

Sound and Light can travel through space.

Can light travel through space?

Light can travel through space. All the light that we get on the earth's surface; usually travels from the sun through space before it can reach here.

What parts of space can light waves travel through?

Light can travel through any parts of space, there is no part that it is excluded from.

Do electromagnetic waves all travel at the same speed through space?

Through a vacuum ... yes. Through outer space, which is not quite a vacuum ... not quite, but very very close.

Do mirrors work in outer space?

Yes, mirrors do work in outer space! That is because light also travels in space just like on Earth.

What do light rays need to travel through space?

If light rays did not travel through space there would be no way for them to reach Earth.