How do you know llamas are smart?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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They are able to tell who is there enemy and who is not.

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Q: How do you know llamas are smart?
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Are llamas smart?

"Smart" is a vague term. What may be considered as "smart" in humans is not the same for animals. Thus llamas are not smart intellectually, but they are "smart" in as far as cognition (learning and association) is concerned.

Will llamas take over the universe?

I am pretty sure they WILL. They are extremely smart creatures and frankly, quite evil. They will probably wipe out mankind. Oh-kaaay, I am officially scared of llamas.

Did the Incas create llamas?

No.........Incas did not know how to do gene mutation science. I don't think they were first to domesticate llamas either.

How do you answer the question como te llamas?

The answer to como te llamas? is Me llamo ______(whatever your name is) In case you don't know, it's pronounced may yamo.

What is the only terrain you can find llamas on?

There is not just one kind of terrain that llamas can be on. Traditionally, llamas live in the andes mountians, and are very sure-footed like goats. But the only llamas that I know in person live on perfectly flat pasture. So, they can probably be on many different kinds of terrain, not just one.

Where do llamas live?

Llamas live wild in South America, mainly in Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Bolivia. However, they have been domesticated and there are farms all over the United States and Canada that raise llamas. Llamas are very smart animals with a mental capacity exceeding that of a dog. The Alpaca and Llama Show Association in the US. Sanctions llama and alpaca shows hosted all over the country. In these shows llamas are not only judged on confirmation, like horses, but also on agility type contests as you would see at a dog show.

Which is friendlier llamas or alpacas?


What is the plural of llama?


Are llamas in Australia?

There are no wild llamas in Australia. Some animal sanctuaries and zoos have llamas.

What animals originated in Peru?

llamas, a dog breed (PIO) and i dont know what else...

What is the partuition of llamas?

Parturition is a medical/veterinary term for birth. So the parturition of llamas would be when little llamas come out of pregnant llamas.

What are llamas considered?

Llamas are considered animals. To get more detailed, llamas are relatives of the alpaca. Of course, in my opinion llamas are better than alpacas.