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wow this is a stupid question

it has the crust mantle core inner core


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Q: How do you know the earth is not hollow?
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Would it be possible to travel into the hollow earth from Antarctica via a hot air balloon?

The Earth is not hollow; so No.Were the Earth hollow, it might be difficult to control the buoyancy of the hot air balloon sufficiently to enter a hollow Earth at the poles.

What is the name of the hollow earth?


What is a hollow or depression in the earth's surface?

a valley

What are hollow spaces in the Earth's crust?


Is it true that the earth's interior is hollow?

Based on the concept of science being supported by observations and repeatability, the answer is no. We do not know for certain what the earth's inner core looks like, nor do we know for certain any other properties it may have. We make assumptions of what it could be or should be, but these assumptions are only based on indirect view of the earth. It is possible that the earth's interior is not hollow. To know for certain, we will need to enter the inner most parts of the earth and see what it is. This has currently not been possible, so we do not know what the core is like. Anyone who says the interior is a certain way is only speculating, but does not know for certain.

Is our Earth hollow in the center?

Many theorists believe that the entrance to the Earth hollow is located at 87.7 degrees North latitude and at 87.7 degrees South latitude which is the location of the North and South Pole. These polar openings lead directly to the Earth's core which has led these theorists to believe that the Earth's hollow is in the center of the Earth's core.

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What is a natural hollow chamber in the earth's crust?

a core

What is the hollow spaces in earth 's crust?


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