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Call a pharmacy.

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Q: How do you know the proper dosing schedule for a medication?
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Is math needed to be a anesthesiologist?

yes as you need to know about diffusion rates of drug through tissue for proper dosing.

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I am no doctor, but I do know that if you abuse antibiotics or even just don't take them on a regular dosing schedule, your body can build up an immunity to the antibiotic, and then it may not work when you need it to later on in your life.

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When giving medication you need to know much to give and how ofter to give it.

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You need to know the right person, right medication, right dosage, right route, and the right time.

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How do you know the xanax you buy online are real?

If you have a prescription and purchase your medication from a reputable online pharmacy, your medication will be what you ordered.

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