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How do you know when a ferret is dying?

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2008-10-26 06:51:16

When it's time - a ferret that is dying will quit eating and

will it no longer engage in any normal activities.

If your ferret has a terminal disease and

* Loses weight and becomes skeleton thin * Barely has energy to

get up to use the litter box * Sleeps most of the time * Begins to

lose control of hind legs * Never does the Dance of Joy * Never

gets out of bed unless you pick him up * Only eats when you hand

feed him He is waiting for you to let go and say good-bye

For All Those Who Go On Ahead However did I find you

little friends?

And how was I to know everyday

When I come home burdened, weary, frustrated or sad

One look at your cheerful little faces that wait to greet me

fixes all

You dance your hoppy dance of joy

And stand, just so

I must almost fall to avoid stepping on you

in your quest to be near me

You'd steal anything not nailed down

Your box habits are appalling

Yet you love me and that's more than enough

I see it in your button eyes

The occasional kiss

The way you give hugs by laying on my foot

I often think of how much joy you leave in your wake

I often think how short your brilliant little lives are

And how will I survive your passing?

But deep inside my soul I know

When our Father calls me home

you will all be there to greet me

And you will lead me to the new place

you stash your toys and stolen goods

And there beneath the very throne of God at last

I will find my heart.

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