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I think that lves changes after a while. The passion we feel at the begining will only last 4 years if we are lucky and all we will have after is respect,affection or admiration for eachother. The love last forever is for fairytales

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โˆ™ 2006-03-28 06:58:26
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Q: How do you know when love is over and you are left with affection but no love in a relationship?
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What is most important to a relationship?

honesty love and affectionAnswerCommunication!!

How do you know if someone you love loves you back?


How do you know if the woman you love loves you back?

If she shows you affection

Taurus man when in love in a long distance relationship?

being a Taurus in a long distance relationship will not work. Need attention and affection.

What is the connection between love and relationship?

Yes, love can be a result of relationship.But relationship may not want love to come in between. You can make relationship for a reason, which you may not reveal.But love is independent.It doesn't abide by any rules snd regulation.

What is the difference between affection and love?

Love is ever lasting , affection is for a period of time.

How do you Support love and affection?

Love and affection is holding this world.Without these society would collapse.

The difference between love and in love?

Love means the deep affection or fondness of one person to another. In love means a deeply/intensely, romantically and sexually involved relationship between people.

Is affection essential in a intimate relationship?

You didn't stipulate in this question if the relationship was an intimate one. There are all kinds of relationships. Even so, most relationships imply there is love at some level present. So I would say that affection is present in relationships that involve a person or persons that care for each other in some way. The way that affection manifests itself is subject to the environment of the relationship and thus varies based on the conditions. You can have affection for another that you only admire or fancy and not have have a relationship in the sense that it was previously spoken about, but you have still formed a relationship to that person in your mind.

When to say i love you in a new relationship?

you say i love you when you know her/him is firm in the relationship and u r too

What is the difference between love and affection?

For love your heart will make a step but for affection your mind will make a decision.

What is the difference between a love and affection?

For love your heart will make a step but for affection your mind will make a decision.

What does it mean when a guy says you don't know how much affection i have for you?

They mean that : You (yourself) does not know how much they love or like or care for you.

How do you know if your fiancee loves you?

You can tell they love you they show affection towards you and love spending time with you. x Hope this helps x

What is the difference between affection and friendship?

There are many types of affection: marital love, family love, pet affection, crushes, obsessions, and friendships. A friendship is affection (not to the level of marital love) directly between two people not living in the same household.

How can i know that any girls loves me?

It depends on who they are. If they are nice, sweet, kind, and loving the outcome is that most of the time that's when the really love you.They have to shiow affection and love to know that they really love you. :)

What is a synonym for affection?


How do you move on from someone who you have been in love with for 6 years but wont show you the affection or attention you deserve?

You can move on by realizing that one-sided love is not really love. It takes two people committed to providing affection/attention for the other. If your significant other is not grateful that you are there, then you know that the relationship is not real. Waiting for them to catch on and to do the right thing has helped you stay with them for 6 years, but 14 years down the road, things will be the same. I know, because I kept hoping for 22 years. Regardless of the reasons for their inattention, it helps to know that it has much less to do with the quality of person you are than any reasons you can think of as to why they don't have the same values of affection and attention.

What does it mean when a man goes back to a relationship when they know the girl does not love them back?

Typically it means that the guy has strong and/or true feelings of affection towards the girl. Usually the intent is to try to salvage the relationship to return it to a previous state where they both loved each other equally.

A safe way to end a relationship with a narcissist you want him to think he has left you since your ways not working?

No "safe" way. Just say GOODBYE and delete him from your life. Make him think you are not interested. Give him no love, affection and pay him NO ATTENTION. And RUN!!

How can somebody be in lust but want more than just sex?

aight sew, they want love, a relationship, they need affection, like puppies. yew know? pce baby best o luck and wishes! x0x0 :*

How will you know he love you if he is not willing to show you that?

It means he is shy and confused that he doesn't know what to do with love or even in a relationship.

What is affaction?

The definition of affection is to like someone in a light way. Affection doesn't always mean that you are in love or love someone but it can.

When your husband tells you he is not happy and he needs love and affection what does he mean?

He is reaching out to you. Pay attention and give him the love and affection he needs.

Is happiness love?

No, happiness in like joy, a feeling in you body that tells you to jump or smile. Love in a relationship that can not be taken away. There are many different kinds of love like marriage, when you love your mother, and when you love your friends. Love is a intense feeling of deep affection.