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How do you know when there is something wrong with your appendix?


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Your lower right abdomen will hurt really bad. Don't worry about if there is. GET IT CHECKED OUT!

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When you have Appendicitis your appendix gets inflamed. If you don't get it treated it will continue to swell and burst. If you don't get to doctor after your appendix burst it could be life threatening. You will know that something is wrong because there will be a lot of pain in your stomach.

yes. some get theirs removed if there is something wrong with it

What is it when you feel like something is wrong with your appendix but you don’t Have any symptoms except for severe pain? No vomiting not constipated no fever. Just severe pain in your right side down low?

I am sure anybody can have appendicitis if they still have their appendix. The appendix is small at the end of the intestine, so as long as it is still in the body, there is a chance of something going wrong with it..

Everyone has an appendix until you get it removed.

some of them to have an idea of what is wrong with you when you know something is wrong

YOu were born with one & if it hasnt been removed you have an appendix.

Maybe you didn't do anything wrong. Maybe it was him/her. And if you do not know what you did wrong, then he/she was not for you, to blame you for something that you didn't even know you did. You complained to wikianswers.

Nothing went wrong on one of his tricks, though precautions were made just in case. Houdini died from a ruptured appendix, not from a failed stunt.

he knew something wrong the day he gave up dancing.

that is a yes and no. Painful pee can be a bladder infection. Or something with the appendix

something in your body that does something to help your body! woo! OR an internal organ that may burst when not properly taken care of.

It's possible - especially if you have cancer or some other anomaly of the appendix itself.

No, there is nothing wrong. This is normal. I don't know why exactly, but I know this happens to everyone.

Most know that they are different, but consider it an advantage, rather than "something wrong with them" They view the rest of us, essentially, as prey.

Something could be wrong. We don't know for sure. He could have autism.

(In a book, e.g.): Appendix comes from "append" (to add to the end of something). An appendix adds additional notes or information referring to the preceding text.

It is something added to the end of the book

Your apendix is not used by your body, it is thought that it was once used for the digestion of cellulose in the body before we evolved. your appendix can burst and therefore can become infective and you should go to the doctor however it is not an organ that is used by the body so no 'systems' are needed

An attachment is an extra part to something. An appendix is a section in a book or document that comes at the end.

ummm if you dont know the signs you may not know it.. but you should know that something is wrong...

no even doctors don't know why the human body has an appendix it is just there

The doctors would be most carefull not to interfere with the baby in the process. There is always a chance of something going wrong though, as surgery stresses the body. I do not think the chances of having a miscarriage due to removal of appendix is large.

by i dont know but maybe ya know

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