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We have sandy clay loam soil, when you can squeeze a handful of soil without seeing water, and the ball crumbles easily. Also when the soil turns up with a shine to it, this is a good indicator it is too wet. Stamp your foot in one place several times and if you see water it is too wet to do anything. We plow in Oklahoma to rid our fields of cheat type grasses (downy brome, marshall rye grass etc.) Till they become a problem we don't waste the aditional fuel needed for plowing.


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an old fashioned horse or ox plow is how they plow fields with horses

something that you put on the back off a tractor to plow the fields. by flame 64.

Plow fields of course, when hooked up to a tractor or a team of draft horses.

There are many things one can do with tractors. With a small lawn tractor, one can mow a lawn, flatten the grass, or even plow snow. With a farm tractor, one can plow fields, plant fields, or harvest fields.

They helped cause now they can use the wheel and plow to make work in the fields on the farm easier.

They cannot be tamed or used in farming to plow the fields.

Most likely as a source of meat, milk and labor for helping plow fields

u have to get a lot of crops in your storage and sell them and plow a lot of fields.

Farmers used mules to pull the implements such as plows.

No. It just made it easier to control the oxen as they were being used to plow fields and for the oxen to pull the plow, and it made it more efficient to be able to use more than one ox to use for plowing. But it never made oxen plow fields faster than horses do. Horses are always going to be faster and more high-stepping than an ox will ever be.

speak up kemosabe! one dost not plow the fields of the untouched bosom!

It is a publically-held company. The original product was a moldboard plow that did not clog in wet fields.

people love them. people ride them. they pull carts and can even plow fields.

Oxen are castrated bulls. Historically, they were used to provide power to pull carts and plow fields. They were also eaten.

Typically, they plow fields, unless they feel like being crazy and tearing up the road, or something like that.

Conservative plowing is a way of plowing the fields with wooden plough and bulls. A wooden plough is placed on the bulls backs while they plow the fields.

Slaves did anything their masters wanted them to do from giving them a foot rub to going to plow the fields. Anything the slave master wanted.

A plow of course. It is a machine that is dragged behind the tractor that turns over the earth in the beginning stages of preparing fields for seeding.

to plow fields to pull carts - with rich people in to carry police men etc

Slaves did anything their masters wanted them to do from giving them a foot rub to going to plow the fields. Anything the slave master wanted.

Yokes were placed on oxen in the middle ages. The oxen then were used to plow the fields.

by getting paid to harvest and plow fields , flowers, trees and chopping too

They used ploughs with wooden ploughshares usually pulled by a team of oxen, sometimes it was hauled by slaves.

In the Phillipines, the carabao is the national animal. It is very important to agriculture because the carabao helps plow the fields.

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