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you look at his picture, fall down, faint, or kiss it. or a better way is ask a friend to get a Jacob mask and put it on, either you'll scream, take the mask off and kiss it the whole night, or hug the friend with the mask on.

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You know you are a fan of Jacob when you find yourself eagerly following his work, discussing his performances with others, and feeling a genuine connection to his artistry and message. Your admiration for him draws you to his music, concerts, and any other projects he's involved in.

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Q: How do you know you are a Jacob fan?
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Jacob Latimore is born on August 10th 1996.Hope I could help

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I know because she dated taylor lunanater and in a interview she said im team jacob

What is Jacob Perez official fan phone number?

An official fan phone number for Jacob Perez is not available at this time.

Does Bella ever leave edward for Jacob Black?

Sadly, no... but i think Breaking Dawn ends happily... unless ur a JACOB fan.... I'm a jacob/edward fan... so yeah... i thought it was good.

What are some fan fictions where Jacob Black imprints on Bella Swan?

Some fan fictions where Jacob Black imprints on Bella Swan include "Imprinted" by peytoncapulet on Archive of Our Own and "Breaking Fate" by Katyjustine on These stories explore the dynamics of imprinting and the consequences it has on Bella and Jacob's relationship.

Where Princeton from mindless behavior born?

if you didnt know he was born in la than ur not a fan of prrinceton(jacob perez)theats my oldest cousin

Why is team Jacob better?

The truth is he is not. I hope you never think he needs to be with Bella. ( p.s. i hate Jacob black and you might what a Jacob fan to answer this question.

Who is Jacob blacks biggest fan?

Kayleigh Lyndsy McMillan.

Does Jacob Black from twilight really want to date a fan?


What is Jacob latimore fan number?

Jacob Latimore's phone number is not available. He probably does not want to jeopardize his privacy by making it public.

Where do you talk to jacob latimore on the computer?

There is no known celebrity fan contact site for Jacob Latimore, and WikiAnswers does not give out private information.

What is Jacob Black's official fan phone number?

ob blacks phonenumber