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About 80% of couples actively trying to conceive, will be successful within one year. If nothing has happened within that time you can see your doctor, who can run some initial tests (the easiest being a sperm count for the man).

Depending on your age and further medical history, he will either advise you to keep trying a little longer (if you'r in your twenties and overall healthy) or refer you to a fertility specialist (if you're in your thirties, have other medical problems or have been trying for more than 2 years). The hospital will then run further testing to see if you are indeed infertile, and to what degree.

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For boys and men, yes. For girls and women, no.

Males take their semen sample to the doctor, the lab tech looks at it under a microscope, and if she sees plenty of wiggling sperm, then most likely the male if fertile.

Females require an intrusive test which looks inside her at a certain time in the month to see if there is a corpus luteum, or egg, waiting to pop out and be ready for fertilization.

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Q: How do you know you are infertile?
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