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PDLC film and the double tempered glass with high temperature and high pressure.A simple(ON - OFF)mode switches the glass from being clear to frost . PDLC film is an intelligent film, a film that can be stick onglass, which can adjust light under electric pressure to switch between transparent and mist, and meet the requirements of glass on penetrability andprivacy protection. This product is simple to install just like any standard double glazed sealed unit. This energy saving product is completely solid state requiring.

Technical Details:

Turn on Transparent

Turn off Translucent

Working temperature -20degree~60 degree

Working Voltage 60~70V

Power consumption 15w/hour

Transmittance >80%

Maximum size 1.8*3meters

Normally will left 3mm for each side. It means that when your glass is 1000*1000mm, then the film size should be 994*994MM.

For this gap, it can have a good protection for the smart film, avoid the silicone sealant to damage the film.

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Q: How do you laminate PDLC film for smart switchable glass?
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What is smart switchable glass?

Electrical Smart Switchable glass is composed with one liquid crystal sheet solidified(calls pdlc film) and double tempering glass under high-pressure & high-temperature.Electrical Smart Switchable glass is composed with one liquid crystal sheet solidified(calls pdlc film) and double tempering glass under high-pressure & high-temperature.How it work-On natural condition, the arrangement of the liquid crystal inside the glass is ruleless, the refractive index of liquid crystal is lower than the polymer outside, incident light scatters on the polymer, which is milk-white, means opaque.When power on, the liquid drop of the polymer with liquid crystal dispersion will rearrange, the liquid crystal will become ruleless arrangement to ordered arrangement, which makes the same refractive index of the liquid crystal and the polymer, so incident light can pass through completely to form transparent condition.Light is scattered when passing through an optically inhomogeneous medium. PDLC (polymer dispersed liquid crystal) is a medium whose light scattering power is adjustable through applying an electric field.In their natural (uncharged) state,the PDLC droplets align randomly.Product features:1.Transparent when power on, opaque when power off; freely switching; concise and convenient.2. By spinning the voltage control button, change the light intensity and Infra Red Transmission automatically according to the change temperature and lights outside the window, which can achieve the effect for fixing the temperature and light. It is of high UV resistance, environmental protection and health protection.3.Double layer laminating technical, Of the high quality of safety glass, it is safe and firm, together with sound insulation, heat insulation and high noise resistance.4.Various controlling ways: switch, light control, voice control, thermal control, remote control, remote network control, etc, custom made by customers require.Application: Construction: Advanced hotel, villa, office, meeting room, toilet doors and windows, shower cubicle, kitchen doors and windows, glass curtain wall, greenhouse, science residence, business building, factory, laboratory doors and windows, partition, etc Financial &Medical: Bank teller windows, ATM safety windows, the room windows needs transfer between privacy and transmittance. Electronic: Freezer, refrigerator, microwave oven, game player Car window: Car scuttle, metro, high-speed rail Industries: Indoor design application, trade exhibition hall, command center central projection bulletin, commercial film advertisement, etc.

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