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Your local newspapers will normally have advertisements about job fairs in your state. They will have links to the site for the job fair. The Chamber of Commerce in larger cities will also be able to refer you to job fairs in the location you desire.

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Q: How do you learn about job fairs online?
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Where can you register for free job fairs?

Free job fairs are often offered through major universities for the students enrolled there. There are also additional job fairs that can be found online and registered for via e-mail.

Are there any globally known online job fairs?

It is difficult if not impossible to locate internationally well known job fairs that exist online. Most globally known jobs require a relationship or network relationship prior.

Does Old Dominion University hold job fairs?

Old Dominion holds several job fairs throughout the year. In fact, they hold job fairs not just for students, but also for potential employers. Their Career Management Center has a schedule online for the dates of each one.

At job fairs can that job hire you on the spot?

Yes, there are some job fairs that do hire people on the spot.

Are physician recruiter typically seen at college job fairs?

College job fairs do not have physcian recruiters. They would show up at medical job fairs. They are not seen at college job fairs. They are seen on medical school campuses.

Is online job fair trustworthy?

Yes they are. Online job fairs is a great way for reputable companies to find employees. It is a good way for you to find a company that you would be suitable for.

How do you apply to work at Disneyland?

Disneyland holds regular job fairs at the Casting Center. You can also call the Job Line or apply online.

In what type of locations are job fairs usually held?

Job fairs are often held in City Halls. You should contact your local job center, who often arrange job fairs, to see when the next one is and where it will be held.

Where can I find job fairs?

There is a website that lists national job fairs. You can find the current Philadelphia job fair information by going to

Are there any online job fairs for Indiana University students this month?

On IU's website, there is a job fair listing for August 26th. There are also many listings for job fairs taking place in the Alumni Hall. Keep checking back to the IU website or talk to a counselor or career services to find an online job fair that is right for you, they will also be able to tell you the dates and times.

How do job services find applicants?

Many times job services will advertise in local newspaper, at local schools, and in online forums. They are usually represented at local job fairs also.

Are free job fairs career specific?

There are numerous different free job fairs. Most generally these fairs contain a mixed field of opportunites. There may, however, be job specific fairs in your local area. Checking the local papers or community colleges in your area should result in this pertinent information that you need.

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