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Answerwatch the hip-hop music video and imitate or you can look into local dance classes or even your local gym. There are many resources to learn hip hop dance.

There are several ways to learn hip-hop.

1. Take up a class at a local dance studio. The chances of a dance studio to offer a hip-hop class is very high.

2. You tube has been an excellent source to watch and learn in your own pace how to dance like others in those hip-hop videos.

3. Go to or even Barnes & Noble and look up any books or even videos to teach you how to learn hip-hop moves.

4. Remember, if you a beginner, don't expect to get every move right away, It can be frustrating and takes a lot of time and dedication. All the dancers in those videos started as beginners and worked their way up to dance advanced ending up in those videos.

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Q: How do you learn to dance like they do in hip-hop music videos?
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