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How do you learn to teleport on the sims2 bon voyage?


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April 01, 2012 1:12PM

you have to go to takemizu village and go to one of the community lots there

possibly a ninja will appear

click on him and select 'learn to teleport'

he will ask you a question 'what comes first the ninja or the sword?' the answer is

'the sword'

answer correctly and you will be taught how to teleport

answer incorrectly and the ninja will disappear and you will have to wait for him to come back!!!

hope you found that helpful

ther;s not only one question.

there are different questions and answers...ex.what you must know better yourself or the enemy? i answered myself and it was wrong...then the next time i answered enemy and it was again wrong...i suppose you have to be lucky...

Hi , this is somebogy else improving the answer. I was searching for the answer ans i forgot to pause it which means it was on for like 5 mins and it just taught me by the time i got back, so my point is just wait a while ( it may seem ages ) and it will answer it for you !