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You don't. Mega Man does not level up. You can increase your health by getting HPmems, or get better chips from busting viruses, but you won't level up.

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Q: How do you level up in megaman white 3?
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Can you link megaman 6 to megaman 4?

no you can only link megaman games together if it is the same number like megaman battle network 3 blue to megaman battle network 3 white

In megaman white 3 where do you find one of many birds?


Where is the hammer in Megaman white 3?

you get it from a guy in secret area 1

How To Unlock Omega Zero In Megaman Zero Collection?

first go to megaman zero 3 and defeat omega and save in level select

In Megaman battle network 3 how do you obtain darklicense?

You need to level up the Bug Style. To get the Bug Style, you have to have a bug in the NaviCust thing. It takes a very long time to level up, though.

How do you use the Vars sword on Megaman Battle Network 3 White?

you cant

How do you download Megaman battle network 3 white for visualboyadvance?

Oh boy. Search Megaman Battlenetwork 3 White ROM on Google and you'll get enough hits on the first page to download at least 3. But don't ask that question. Please.

Is it true that you can fight with Zero in Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue-White?

No, it's not.

Where do you find bugstop Navicustomizer part in Megaman Battle Network 3 Blue?

To acquire, you must have Bug style and level it up. Once you reach level 2 you will automatically gain the program.

In megaman white 3 where do you get the hammer that lets you get past monolith in the secret areas?

you go to acdc

How many levels do the styles and what does each level earn in Megaman Battle Network 3 Also how many battles needed to level up and what each style is good for Additional What is your favorite?

56 levels my freind

How does Megaman white end?

This is in the Animated TV Series category, but the question seems to pertain to the Megaman Battlenetwork 3 White game for Gameboy Advanced. I will answer the part about the game, being unsure about the TV series. MMBN 3 White ends with the deletion of Alpha by Megaman, and Megaman's subsequent self-deletion to save Lan's life. For a couple of months, the WWW is rounded up to await trial, and Dr. Cossak recuperates in a hospital while Lan struggles to adapt to life without Megaman. The day before he begins the sixth grade, his father decodes an electronic message left by his grandfather's avatar with Lan upon Alpha's deletion. He then installs Lan's new NetNavi while Lan is asleep. Lan is then woken up the next morning by Megaman. That's the ending to the main story. Plotwise, the FINAL ending is with Bass's resurrection in Secret Area 3 as BassGS, or Gospel Soul. Upon deletion, Megaman is rendered the most powerful Navi in the Net, and . . . they decide to go home.