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Lemon juice is a natural hair lightener. It will give a more dramatic result in combination with the sun's ultra-violet (UV) rays. Cut two lemons in half, and squeeze either directly on to clean hair or into a spray bottle, which you can then use to apply the juice to your hair. If necessary, depending on hair length, use more lemons. After applying the juice, use a wide-toothed comb to help dispense lemon juice thouroughly through hair. Then let the hair dry. You wont need to spend any time in the sun as the acid in the lemon helps bleach the hair naturally. The process will need to be repeated a few times without the sun but a lighter shade will definitely be noticeable. Spending a couple of hours in the sun will brighten your hair faster. Remember to wear sun-protection lotion on any exposed skin. Even though lemon is acidic it also contains natural oils so it wont dry hair out too much. Using a good conditioner when washing the lemon out will restore softness and shine. This works best in the summer months, when the sun's light is most direct and the outdoor temperature is pleasant enough to stand for a few hours. And that is how you do it!! Bye

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Q: How do you lighten your hair with lemon juice?
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Will pineapple juice lighten hair?

I'm not sure but lemon juice does lighten blonde hair.

Which is better to put lime or lemon in your hair to lighten it Or both?

Between lime and lemon juice, lemon is preferred to lighten your hair.

Will lemon juice and conditioner lighten your hair?

Yes,they will!

What will lemon juice do to colored hair?

it will just lighten it:)

Will lemon juice highlight or lighten brown hair?


Is it permanent if you lighten your hair with lemon juice?

dying your hair is never permanent

How can you make your hair shiny?

Use lemon juice, or crushed up avocado's, lemon juice WILL lighten your hair also, but avocados wont

Does lime juice work as well as lemon juice to lighten hair colour?


If you dye your hair with lemon juice should your hair be wet or dry?

The acidic quality of lemon juice can lighten the hair slightly when exposed to sunlight. Hair should be dry so that it can absorb the lemon juice properly.

Can you lighten your hair using bottled lemon juice?

yes you can lighten your hair from bottled lemon juice, but it only works with naturally blond hair to start with and it stings you eyes LOTS lol, also the longer you keep the lemon juice in and if possible stay out in the natural sunlight the lighter your hair will become. xx

Will lemon juice lighten your hair?

yes but it looks best on blond hair and bad on darker hair.

How do you lighten your hair without dye?

yes put lemon juice on your hair and go out in the sun :)

How do you lighten your hair with out dying it?

I know that lemon juice has natural vitamins and things to lighten hair.I'm not really sure how, I've never tried it but I have a friend who does it every summer and it works for her fine...You should google it: lightening hair with lemon juice

What happens if you put lemon juice on dyed hair?

If you add lemon juice to already dyed hair, it may lighten the color. You will need sunlight to enhance the effects.

Is it normal to wash hair with lemon?

Yes, it is perfectly normal. Some say the best way to get rid of itches is lemon juice. The juice from a lemon is also a way to naturally lighten hair.

Does lemon cause white hair?

No, lemon juice is a mild bleaching agent, and can 'lighten' hair. But it can't turn black hair white, for example.

What is the best way to lighten the hair on your arms?

Lemon juice! It completely healthy and natural!

How do you use lemon juice to lighten your hair?

* Take any kind of lemon juice and aply any way you'd like to your hair and go outside in the sun and "tan" your hair or just simply go outside on a sunny day with lemon juice in your hair and do anything!

How can you lighten your hair naturally?

To lighten your hair naturally without the use of harmful dyes, you can go out in the sun more. You can also try using lemon juice.

How do you hide get rid of freckles?

Well if lemon juice can lighten your hair, then maybe it can lighten your freckles as well. Just a thought.By Melanie

How do you lighten hair naturally?

Get lots of sun and (I know this sounds crazy, but it works!) rub lemon juice into your hair.

Is it light or heat that reacts with lemon juice to dye your hair?

It is both: Light - Helps lighten the hair,to make it look natural,lemon bleaches the hair,which helps. Heat - The lemon juice drys faster and provides strength to the light!

Can you lighten your hair using lemon juice with out the sun?

no, you must sit in the sun. it also works alot better if the lemon juice is freshly squeezed, not out of a bottle.

Can you use lemon juice to lighten dyed dark brown hair?

No, lemon juice isn't strong enough to lift artificial dark brown hair color. Bleach will need to be used for this.

Does reconstituted lemon juice have any health benefits?

It's benefits are the same as real lemon juice - a source of vitamin C. And can be used to lighten blonde hair (by applying it to the hair, not by drinking it.)