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Lemon juice is a natural hair lightener. It will give a more dramatic result in combination with the sun's ultra-violet (UV) rays. Cut two lemons in half, and squeeze either directly on to clean hair or into a spray bottle, which you can then use to apply the juice to your hair. If necessary, depending on hair length, use more lemons. After applying the juice, use a wide-toothed comb to help dispense lemon juice thouroughly through hair. Then let the hair dry. You wont need to spend any time in the sun as the acid in the lemon helps bleach the hair naturally. The process will need to be repeated a few times without the sun but a lighter shade will definitely be noticeable. Spending a couple of hours in the sun will brighten your hair faster. Remember to wear sun-protection lotion on any exposed skin. Even though lemon is acidic it also contains natural oils so it wont dry hair out too much. Using a good conditioner when washing the lemon out will restore softness and shine. This works best in the summer months, when the sun's light is most direct and the outdoor temperature is pleasant enough to stand for a few hours. And that is how you do it!! Bye

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2014-06-02 04:48:24
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Q: How do you lighten your hair with lemon juice?
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