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How do you like it in Space?

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I don't. I've never been in space.

[Do you mean: How *would* you like it in space?]

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How is a space shuttle like a space station?

they are both in space

What is the space after the period?

It is just a space, like the space between words.

What does the space needle look like?

like a space needle haha google that and you will see it

What was space food like?

At first space food was like toothpaste. Now it is like normal food, but it is dehydrated.

What is a space shuttle like in space?

Technically, as an astronaut is weightless in space, so should a space shuttle!

What did space look like when there was no space?

nothing. if there was none of it then how can you seeit.

Why do space explorers go into space?

They would like to do research.

What does the space shuttle look like?

The Space Shuttle looks much like a passenger airplane, but it is more like a glider. Visit related links below for picture of the Space Shuttle

Is a globe what earth looks like from space?

yes, form space the earth looks like a globe.

What do humans do in space?

humans can do anything in space. But you can not take anthing like psp's and stuff like that or phones.

What are the lyrics to the pizza song on cartoon planet?

Smells like Cartoon Planet By Space Ghost [Space Ghost] I smell turkey [Brak] Tuna fish! [Space Ghost] Big beef-jerky! [Brak] Potato kanish [Space Ghost] I smell onions [Zorak] Pizza too [Space Ghost] The dog needs washing [Zorak] And so do you [Space Ghost] It smells like [Group] (What does it smell like, Space Ghost?) [Space Ghost] It smells like [Group] (Pork and beans!) [Space Ghost] It smells like [Group] (ARRRGGGGHHH!!!) [Space Ghost] It smells like Cartoon Planet Woo-Wee [Space Ghost] Zorak, prison pod Brak Brak [Zorak] Barn yard animals [Brak] Oy [Zorak] Quack [Space Ghost] Zorak upside down [Zorak] Sing it, fuzzy [Brak] I'm a little teapot short and stout [Space Ghost] It smells like [Group] (???) [Space Ghost] It smells like [Group] (Boxer shorts!) [Space Ghost] It smells like [Group] (ARRRGGGGHHH!!!) [Space Ghost] It smells like Cartoon Planet Ahhh...

Space stations and space shuttles are what kinds of space crafts?

Well... Space stations are space stations and space shuttles are space shuttles. They are kind of like flying cars.

How does a shuttle get into space?

a shuttle blasts into space like a big rocket

What does the Magellan space probe look like?


What topics does earth and space science include?

earth is behaving like space or our space is behaving like earth or some other thing which is force to behaving both like each other.think carefully

How do you get claustrophobia?

its when you are afraid of small spaces and cant breath in that space. Or The fear of being in an enclosed space. Like an elevator or a closet. You might feel like you will die or like you can't breathe when in a small space.

What are space shuttles?

Space shuttles are plane like vehicles that travel in space, i hope that answered your question

What does outer space look like?

well outer space look like great if you go there you will feel that you are in a different world

Why is the space needle called the space needle?

it is soooooo tall it looks like you are looking down from space when you are at the top.

What does the space shuttle do?

The space shutle transports things into space. and returns to the earth. It is the only transport device like it.

What does a gym in space look like?

Right now there are no gyms in space. The shuttle and the space station have tredmills though.

What is the difference between the space shuttles and other space vehicles?

The space shuttle lands like a plane and is reusable.

What is space food like these days?

Space food these days is nutritious and small. It is because there is limited space on the shuttle.

Is space like a giant carpet?

Yes, that's it precisely, it's just like a giant carpet except that carpets are made out of fabric and space isn't, and carpets are essentially two-dimensional and space isn't, and carpets are material, solid objects and space isn't, and... you know what? Space is NOTHING like a giant carpet.

What does a space shuttle feel like?

a space shuttle feels really ruff