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Very much, thank you for asking.

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Q: How do you like your university?
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What is Portland State University really like Are there a lot of real parties at that college What is the greek life like What do you like and dislike about this college?

The Portland State University is a public coeducational research university.

Is rochville university located in UAE?

No as an online university with international accreditation it does not looks like a regional university.

Do you like your university?

If you are asked if you like your university, you should be honest. You should support your response with the relevant information and valid reasons.

What is the name for university of Chicago?

like it

What is Aberdeen and the University of Aberdeen like for EU students?

i like it

What is the student housing like at American military university?

American Military University is an online university and does not offer campus housing.

Which University do you recommend Pfeiffer University or University of Phoenix?

The best one should be the one you like. Everyone has different views.

Does Lorenz university offer a PhD in education?

You can call the university, but it seems like they do offer it.

What is University of North Florida's motto?

University of North Florida's motto is 'No place like this.'.

Best Spanish university for Spanish degree?

There are some good universities in Spain like: University of Salamanca University of Granada University of Santiago de Compostela

Why do students treat university like a company?

Because in a way, a university is like a company, your schedule of classes as a full time student is like your shifts for work at your full time job. I agree that university is not a company, but I can tell you that in a way, it's like going to work.

Which university did Nick Jonas go to?

Nick Jonas has not been to a university but he would like to go to Brown University for writing and literature.