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Usually, there is a floor plate area just in front of the trigger mechanism, ahd you slide the shells in there one at a time with the brass toward the trigger; that's in a pump gun. Remember, it will only hold 3 shells in the magazine, but go ahead and pump it once, and you can put another in the mag, thus having 4 usuable shells in the gun. Obviously, if it's an over/under, or side by side, you have to break it open and slide the shells in one at a time.


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Depends on the shotgun- different types load differently.

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Depends on what gauge, what load and barrel length

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Depending on the load 20-100 yards.

Depends on the load. 30-300 yards

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Given the right load and shot placement, yes.

Depends on the load, angle of fire, terrain, weather, etc.. a couple of hundred yards at least.

It would depend on the powder charge, weight of load, and aerodynamics of the load (Solid slug, shot, etc)

Depends on what it is choked and what load you want to shoot.

Follow manufacturer provided instructions.

Depends on the load and what the maker of the choke/shotgun say.

20-100m or so depending on the specifics of the load.

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Depends on the gauge, load and power level. At least a few hundred yards.

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