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you cannt locate a missing nintendogs game but if u go on e bay you could buy a new one. or you could go to a noramal store.i am sorry you lost it though!

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โˆ™ 2012-04-09 11:41:17
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Q: How do you locate a missing Nintendogs game?
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How do you tell your Nintendogs game id?

Nintendogs Game ID

Can you play Nintendogs freeonline?

No, Nintendogs is a game for NDS

Am i missing anything from Nintendogs Dalmatian and friends?

it depends on what you got

Is Nintendogs and Cats a game for boys?

There are no gender-specific aspects to Nintendogs.

Is there a game where you can be a dog?


Can you save data on Nintendogs?

Yes you can! I own that game, i have Nintendogs lab and friends.

Can your Nintendogs have puppies or not?

I've had my nintendogs game for over 2 years and I say no.

How do you get pomeranians in Nintendogs?

Is is not possible to get Pomeranians in Nintendogs since this breed is not available in the game.

Is Nintendogs on any other game system?

No, nintendogs is exclusive to the Nintendo DS

How do you get Nintendogs on Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

The Nintendogs character is part of an Assist Trophy; an item in the game that helps the character who uses it, summoning or altering something from a familiar Nintendogame. Simply locate an Assist Trophy and use it by grabbing it pressing the A button. The entity that assists you all depends on luck.

How do you delete a game on Nintendogs?

You would have to reset the game.

What is your favorite Nintendo DS game?

my fav game is nintendogs

How do you locate a missing Nintendo DS?

You look for it

Is there an app to locate a missing cell phone?

There is unfortunately no app that can be used to located a missing cellphone. The best way that one can locate missing cellphones is by calling the cell phone and listening for the ring.

What are all the rare breeds on Nintendogs?

It depends on what game you've got. I've got the Dalmatian nintendogs game and the rare breed on that is a dachshund

Is Nintendogs a two player game?

yes and no. you cannot play two player on the same Nintendogs game, however if you are on the go out menu touch the ds icon (bark mode) to communicate wirelessly with another Nintendogs owners. to do this, you simply put your Nintendogs game card into wireless mode, and then when you pass by another Nintendogs owner in wireless mode,you will automatically communitcate. your trainer info will also be traded.

What genre is Nintendogs?

it's a simulation game.

How many breeds of Nintendogs are there?

It depends on which game you have.

Can you have puppies in Nintendogs plus cats?

No. In the regular nintendogs, they didn't realise that it was possible to breed the dogs. So now in the most recent nintendogs game, nintendogs and cats, they have taken away any possibility to breed.

How do you begin a new game in Nintendogs dachshund and friends?

if you have a new game,put it in your DS and turn it on hit nintendogs and it will show a door knock on it then you buy your dogs.

Does your Nintendogs need to be older to have puppies?

as far as i know, you cant have puppies in nintendogs. If you want to do that, get the game Petz Dogz

Why won't my AR codes work for nintendogs lab The AR recognizes the game and i can select the codes and then go into my game but the codes dont work.?

mybe because the nintendogs game is a bit broken

Do you have to have a 3ds to play Nintendogs plus cats?

Yes, You do have to have a 3Ds to play that game. But there is just "NintenDogs" You can play this game on a DS or DSi but I'm not sure if you can play that game in the 3Ds. Hope this Helps

How do you finish Nintendogs plus cats by cheating?

You can't really have an ending on a game like nintendogs plus cats. This game is what is known as a simulation game. Most simulation games don't have an ending.

How do you restart a Nintendogs game on the dsi?

u restart