How do you make 50 with 9 odd numbers?

You cannot - at least not by adding convential odd numbers. This is because adding two odd numbers always produces an even number, adding two even numbers always produces an even number, and adding an odd number to an even number always produces an odd number. So if we call all the numbers one less than the ones we're going to use by letters of the alphabet, they will all be even So if we want to use 5, we'll call 4 "A", and so on. That way % become A+1 Now, it doesn't matter what odd number we pick, they will all be of the type (B+1) + (C+1) + (D+1) + (E+1) + (F+1) + (G+1) + (H+1) + (I+1) + (J+1) there are nine even numbers and nine 1s in there and when we add them all together we will get one large even number +9, and no even number becomes 50 when 9 is added to it.