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You've got two major choices: here they are

Acquire a software that has the ability to change a ppt into a movie

play the ppt, do a print screen for each slide and add them in a movie

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How to convert video to PowerPoint?

You can not convert video to PowerPoint. However, you can insert video into PowerPoint with Insert >Movie>Select Movie from your file. Then play video with PowerPoint.

How do you make a movie using a Microsoft item?

Well, basically you have to enter microsoft powerpoint, then make a slideshow.

How do you put in a movie clip art?

go to Microsoft PowerPoint and make a slide show

How do you make a video using Microsoft PowerPoint?

With PowerPoint to Video converter, you can make a video from MS PowerPoint

How do you make a PowerPoint video?

Make a PowerPoint presentation, and then convert your presentation to video format with a PowerPoint to video converter.

What are some ideas on PowerPoint presentations?

maybe try a trivia PowerPoint on a movie or book.

How is PowerPoint different from Excel?

Excel is a spread sheet programme, PowerPoint is more of a movie programme.

What is the easiest way to make a computer game?

to make a "Powerpoint Game" to find out how to make one search How do you make Powerpoint Games

How do you package PowerPoint and make it play on generic DVD player?

PowerPoint has an option to package your PowerPoint presentation to CD that can be played on any computers. But the CD cannot be played on DVD players that can only play DVD movies. You need to convert PowerPoint presentation to DVD movie format. Try Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, it enables you to convert all PowerPoint presentation to DVD movie format. Thus you can play the PowerPoint presentation on TV. It will retain every elements in the presentation and convert them to DVD video format.

How do you make a PowerPoint on Windows Vista?

To make a PowerPoint in Windows Vista, you have to buy Microsoft Office. Depending on which version you buy, it will come with PowerPoint, Excel and Word

How do you take sentences from PowerPoint and place them on movie maker?

.PPtx (PowerPoint text) is not compatible with Windows Movie Maker.The only way to take sentences from your PowerPoint presentation to add to your movie is by copying and pasting the text into the clip via the Titles and Credits feature.

How do you make a PowerPoint about bullying?

You can make a presentation about Bullying on PowerPoint. This can be made with pictures, stats made into charts etc.

How do you insert a pivot movie in PowerPoint?

u cant

What is as PowerPoint?

PowerPoint is a product of Microsoft corporation. It was developed to make presentations via slides.

How should you make presentation on PowerPoint?

You can make presentation on PowerPoint easily on desktop. It could be created via the slides and animations.

How do you embed a video in a PowerPoint presentation?

1. Download video from YouTube. There are many free YouTube downloader you can use. 2. Click Insert --> Movie --> movie from your computer You can read the tutorial from the ralated links. or you can use this way: (Play the PowerPoint online) You need four steps to make it: Step 1: Get URL of the video Step 2: Insert the ActiveX Control Shockwave Flash Object to your PowerPoint Step 3: Add the the video link to your PowerPoint Step 4: Fine tune the video in your PowerPoint file

What does PowerPoint mean?

PowerPoint means what something look like after it is done. ^^ No PowerPoint is a Microsoft software that allows you to make presentations in a slide format.

Is an oral presentation a Powerpoint?

If you are not using Powerpoint software, then no. It is possible to make a Powerpoint presentation that plays a recording in it, so it can be an oral presentation in that way.

How can you add PowerPoint to a computer?

If you simply wish to view a PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft offers a legal and free viewer. The current version is PowerPoint Viewer 2007. If you wish to make a PowerPoint presentation, you need to purchase the program PowerPoint.

How do you make a PowerPoint presentation run without cliking anything like a movie?

1. You can make some settings in PowerPoint: * open PowerPoint and go to the first slide; * go to Animation->Transition of This Slides-> Advanced slides; * you can see "Automatically After" here, key the number of how many seconds you want the slide lasts; * click "Apply To All" at the left slide, * click the Click the Office button in the top left corner of the PowerPoint screen and choose Save As. A dialog box will appear. * choose the "PowerPoint Slideshow",and click Ok. Then, you can view the PowerPoint like viewing movie. 2. You can also view the presentation without PowerPoint by converting it to Flash, then the presentation can be played on browser or Flash player,just really like video.You can see more details in this site(

How to convert PowerPoint to flash?

There are many ways to convert your PowerPoint to Flash movie, here are 6 ways to convert PowerPoint to Flash, just click the link below to view more.

What makes a poor PowerPoint?

A PowerPoint with lots of "Word art" large"Font" and inappropriate background. These are some of the common reasons why they make a poor PowerPoint.

What can Microsoft PowerPoint be used for?

Microsoft PowerPoint can be used for mabye a project your working on at school, you can use it for a slideshow, movie, and stuff like that.

What can you do in MS PowerPoint?

In PowerPoint, you can make slide-show presentations. If you want, you can also make computer games, (with hyperlinks), and various other things.

How do you convert 2003 ppt to 2007 ppt?

Open your 2003 PowerPoint in Powerpoint 2007Go to filesave as...replace the old PowerPoint and make sure the new PowerPoint save as type says PowerPoint 2007 or .pptx or something similar to this

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