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'you need a Trojan horse to create a Trojan virus'

LOL , Trojan Horse itself is a Virus !

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Q: How do you make a Trojan virus through java?
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Vaccinia virus is often used in the technique to make what?

"trojan horse" recombinant vaccine

Removal of Trojan horse downloaderzlobedz Trojan horse generic2emv Trojan horse jarvaclassloader Trojan horse downloaderzloddwq all in virus vault?

If the virus are all in the virus vault, you are safe. i would recommend running a scan for more viruses. then if there aen't any you can safly remove the viruses. but before you do, make sure they didn't infect any important files.

What is a script virus and Trojan virus?

If you have these viruses i suggest you get rid of them A Trojan is a virus that tries to install itself on your computer and take up space A script virus can be located in the hardest to find spots so make sure you run full scans regularly I hope this anwer has helped

What are ways one can learn how to remove a Trojan virus?

One of the main ways to remove a trojan virus is to constantly update your antivirus software to make sure that it always is protecting your computer from any viruses that could get its way into your computer.

How do you hack into someones laptop?

you have to have the laptops name if the person does have file sharing you can hack easily. It is also easy if you know the person. Create a Trojan virus then put it onto the laptop. The Trojan virus will make it so you can hack it easily.

What does a Trojan horse virus do to the computer?

It can # make the computer slow # cause popup # steal passwords # cause errors

Is a computer hacker same as virus?

well yes and no. hackers will be the ones who make the virus. depending on what virus it is. if it is a Trojan it is most likely done by a hacker because the virus itself steals information and gives control to your computer.

How do you make a game like YoVille?

Through java and flash

What is a Trojan?

A Trojan Horse Virus is a common yet difficult to remove computer threat. This is a type of virus that attempts to make the user think that it is a beneficial application. A Trojan Horse virus works by hiding within a set of seemingly useful software programs. Once executed or installed in the system, this type of virus will start infecting other files in the computer. A Trojan Horse Virus is also usually capable of stealing important information from the user's computer. It will then send this information to Internet servers designated by the developer of the virus. The developer will then be able to gain a level of control over the computer through this Trojan virus. While these things take place, the user will notice that the infected computer has become very slow or unexpected windows pop up without any activity from the user. Later on, this will result to a computer crash. A Trojan Horse virus can spread in a number of ways. The most common means of infection is through email attachments. The developer of the virus usually uses various spamming techniques in order to distribute the virus to unsuspecting users. These emails contain attachments. Once the user opens the attachment, the Trojan Horse Virus immediately infects the system and performs the tasks mentioned above. Another method used by malware developers to spread their Trojan Horse viruses is via chat software such as Skype. Another method used by this virus in order to infect other machines is through sending copies of itself to the people in the address book of a user whose computer has already been infected by the virus. The best way to prevent a Trojan Horse Virus from entering and infecting your computer is to never open email attachments or files that have been sent by unknown senders. However, not all files we can receive are guaranteed to be virus-free. With this, a good way of protecting your PC against malicious programs such as this harmful application is to install and update an antivirus program.

What is the difference between a Trojan horse and a virus and a worm?

Trojan horse- It is a program, using this program it will make the victim system to make listen on particular port, so that attacker can do anything on your system, i.e. he can tamper with, steal, and destroy the data etc...., a Trojan horse wont spread in to the system like a virus so it won't effect the system performance. virus- It is a malicious program, using this program it will damage your system, by injecting the virus in to another programs are files, so that it will regrade your system performance. Virus will come to the system with user interaction only. worm- It is also one type of virus, using this program it will damage your system like virus, not only system it will spread through out the network and checks for honey pot of your os, and enter into the os, it will regrade your system performance and also it will eat your network bandwidth.

How do you make an antivirus program using Java?

A running java program only has access to the memory allocated to it by the Java Runtime Environment. Java by design does not allow access to absolute memory locations which is required to scan for memory resident viruses. A Java-based anti-virus program can still read a virus-signature file and use it to scan for those patterns in files to identify possible infected files.

Can someone be hacking your system with Java?

Java is a programming language, you can use ANY programming language to make exploits to ... exploit one's system. As of today, I have seen numerous amounts of ways to be infected by Java. For example, the java drive by. If you click run, it will start loading a virus onto your computer.

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