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You can't. There are no backpacks in minecraft.

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How do you download a Minecraft texture pack?

paintery pack for minecraft. you can make your own.

What is a Minecraft texture pack?

A minecraft texture pack is what it sounds like. A pack, or file, that you are able to download from the minecraft website which has different textures. This is used to make the look of minecraft more appealing for different people.

When i download a texture pack on minecraft it says it cant find them.what do i do?

You need to make sure that the texture pack is saved in the minecraft folder in the texture pack folder.

How do you install the flatcraft texture pack for Minecraft?

Download the texture pack and put it into the Minecraft Texture Pack folder.

What texture pack does cupquake have for Minecraft oasis?

For Minecraft Oasis, the texture pack used by Cupcake is the FNI Realistic RPG texture pack. It can be found at Planet Minecraft.

How can you make a texture pack for Minecraft beta?

Use the texture pack generator from Painterly. Link in the related links section.

Why do the bodies of all my minecraft zombies not show up?

It must be your texture pack. Make sure your texture pack is updated properly.

What can you delete when making a minecraft texture pack?

You cannot "delete" something, you can make it invisible.

How do you change Minecraft textures?

You just download a texture pack online, open you're texture pack folder through minecraft (or %appdata%), drag the texture pack into the folder, and select it though minecraft.

How do you use texure packs for Minecraft?

You download a texture pack, drag it into your texture pack folder, and then select it through Minecraft.

What is a good Minecraft texture pack for kids. I get scared of a lot of things in Minecraft.?

minecraft kidkraft -hope you don't get scared of this Have to have HD texture pack fix

How do you make an HD texture pack in Minecraft that does not lag?

Just like normal. If it lags, you need a better computer. There's not much you can do with the texture pack.

How come you cant see Pokemon on minecraft even when you downloaded it?

Make sure that you are using the default texture pack or a texture pack that shows the Pokemon.

How do you place a texture pack folder into Minecraft on mac?

you get a .zip of the texture pack, and copy it into the texture packs folder in the minecraft directory

Is the pokecraft texture pack for Minecraft 1.0?

it will work for any minecraft version

What is the yogcasts texture pack on Minecraft?

They use Dokucraft and you can download that on the Minecraft Forums

How do you download a texture pack on minecraft pe?

It is currently impossible to load a Texture Pack on Minecraft Pocket Edition unless if you Jailbreak your device.

Why cant you get a texture pack on minecraft?

You can. First go to a texture pack website. Then click download. Go to the Minecraft folder and then find the Texture Pack file. Lastly drag the texture pack into the file and restart the game.

How do you do a texture pack on Minecraft?

First you have to type in a minecraft texture pack on google (ill tell you a few, Yoshi Craft and Doku Craftk) then you click on the link of the texture pack, then you should see a download button, click on that, then you have to wait for it to download then you have to put up minecraft texture pack folder, after you have done that you simply need to drag the download file into the Minecraft texture pack folder, then Yala!! -youre fav gamer =P

How do you make an HD texture pack in minecraft not lag?

Currently HD texture packs are not supported my Minecraft, and therefore are bound to lag. Having a powerful computer may prevent lag from occurring due to an HD pack, but not always. To fix lag due to HD packs try making sure the only program you are running on your computer is Minecraft as HD textures tend to make Minecraft require a lot more RAM.

How do you download a texture pack in Minecraft?

First find your texture pack, then download it. Open "run". Type in "%appdata%" Open ".minecraft" Open "texturepacks" Paste your texture pack inside the folder. Done!

What are the steps of downloading a minecraft 1.2.3 texture pack on window xp?

1.Go to the site 2.Click on the download button 3.Put the downloaded minecraft texture pack in to the textures folder in .minecraft

How do you change your title color on Minecraft?

You can't unless you have a mod, hacking into Minecraft, or have a texture pack.

How can you get on a server in Minecraft classic?

you need to download the server pack to go on a server in minecraft classic

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