How do you make a barrett m82 airsoft?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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Ask a person that makes barretts.

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Q: How do you make a barrett m82 airsoft?
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What real gun is the M82 airsoft gun based on?

The M82 by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. it's a .50 cal sniper rifle. to be more to the point the airsoft rifle is based on the later M82A1. Unless your talking about an assault rifle, that would be the Valmet m82.

Will a m16 magazine work with a an m82 airsoft gun?


How many rounds can a m82 hold?

The Barrett M82 anti-materiel rifle has a standard magazine capacity of 10-rounds.

How much is black powder for a barrett m82?

Black powder is not suitable for use in a Barrett M82, as it is a modern, semi-automatic rifle chambered for .50 BMG ammunition, which uses smokeless powder. It's important to use the appropriate ammunition for safety and optimal performance.

What is the fps of berret 50 caliber airsoft gun?

If your talking about the M82/M107 it depends on what brand.

What is the model designation for the US military 50 caliber shoulder fired rifle?

barrett M82

When was the Barrett 50 cal designed?

Barrett makes a range of .50 rifles. Assuming you're referring to the M82 (M107 in military nomenclature), it was designed in 1980.

Does anyone know where to get an airsoft barrett 50 cal.?

go to airsoft GI they have one

How big is the Barrett M82 sniper rifle bullet?

The M82 was made in 2 calibers. The original used the .50 BMG cartridge, which fires a bullet that is .510 inches in diameter. The weight of the bullet varies depending on WHICH bullet is used, but is in the area of 700 grains weight. The later version of the M82 was made in caliber .416 Barrett. This is, as the name suggests, a .416 inch bullet that weighs 400 grains.

Can you get a bigger clip for the double eagle m82 airsoft gun?

Airsoft guns do not have clips, they have magazines. Clips are a silly cyber gaming term which reveals your noobishness. Use proper terminology.

Where can you find an airsoft barrett 50 cal?

see the link below

How do you spell the sniper rifle baret?

The manufacturer is spelled Barrett (Barrett Firearms Manufacturing), builder of the M82 and XM500 .50 caliber sniper rifles that fire the 12.7x99mm NATO round (Browning machine gun round).