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== == See the Related Links for the instructional video " How to make the perfect Margarita" to the left for the answer.

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Q: How do you make a good Margarita?
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What is the sugar content of a margarita?

it is to make the margarita sweeter.

How do you say in Spanish the margarita was good?

It is "La (tequila) margarita estaba buena"

Where can I find a good strawberry margarita recipe?

Margaritas are great drinks for social events, like a BBQ. You can find a good strawberry margarita recipe online at

Where can I purchase margarita recipe online?

You do not need to purchase a margarita recipe online as many sites will give you recipes for free. A good margarita recipe can be found here:

What has the author Margarita Sims written?

Margarita Sims has written: 'The Good Earth' 'The Himalayas and Beyond' -- subject(s): Description and travel, Travel

What cheese is often used to make Pizzas?

margarita or cheddar

What does famous people do when they are bored?

I make a margarita, but that is just me. DvC

What are the release dates for How To Batman - 2009 How to Make a Margarita 1-1?

How To Batman - 2009 How to Make a Margarita 1-1 was released on: USA: 14 December 2009

Where can you buy bulk margarita glasses?

HArvies margaraties(really good)

Where can one find the recipe for the Cadalac Margarita?

There are several recipe sites that have the recipe for a Cadalac Margarita. You can also watch a step by step video tutorial on YouTube which walks you through the process of how to make this margarita and what ingredients you will need.

Is margarita salt iodized?

No margarita salt is not iodized. If it was the margarita would be fizzy.

How do you spell margarita?

That is the correct spelling of the given name Margarita, or the drink margarita.

What nicknames does Margarita Potts go by?

Margarita Potts goes by Margarita Godiva.

What does me llamo margarita?

My name is Margarita.

How do you say la margarita?

The Margarita

What does a Margarita food chain look like?

It looks like a margarita a person then no margarita

What is the birth name of Margarita Alexandre?

Margarita Alexandre's birth name is Margarita Aleixandre.

What is the birth name of Margarita Fischer?

Margarita Fischer's birth name is Ficher, Margarita.

Why do you put salt on the rim of a margarita?

For the flavor. The salt tastes good with the tequila.

How do you make chili's blackberry margarita recipe?

A person can make Chili's blackberry margarita by combining lime juice, Patron silver tequila 100% agave, blackberry juice, and Cointreau in 1/3 portions. Then, the recipe calls for 1 tablespoon of orange simple syrup. The margarita can be garnished with a lime.

What actors and actresses appeared in Margarita - 2011?

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What does me llama margarita mean?

"My name is Margarita."

What is the currency of margarita?

Margarita is not a place, it does not have a currency.

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