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to make a good PowerPoint you should be clear and concise basically get to the point.

use bullet points

not too much information

same sized writing

not many pictures

Write anything you can about how great i am

Do you like to eat grass?

1 or 2 animations

same background each slide

lots of pictures

catchy titles

short, understandable words

correct style for audience

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Q: How do you make a good PowerPoint presentation?
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How do you make a PowerPoint video?

Make a PowerPoint presentation, and then convert your presentation to video format with a PowerPoint to video converter.

Is an oral presentation a Powerpoint?

If you are not using Powerpoint software, then no. It is possible to make a Powerpoint presentation that plays a recording in it, so it can be an oral presentation in that way.

How should you make presentation on PowerPoint?

You can make presentation on PowerPoint easily on desktop. It could be created via the slides and animations.

Is a oral presentation a Powerpoint?

Not necessarily. If you give an oral presentation and do not use any technology, such as Microsoft Powerpoint, then it is just an oral presentation. A Powerpoint presentation is often done as part of an oral presentation, and it can make it more interesting.

What music is good for a PowerPoint presentation about a biography?


How can you add PowerPoint to a computer?

If you simply wish to view a PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft offers a legal and free viewer. The current version is PowerPoint Viewer 2007. If you wish to make a PowerPoint presentation, you need to purchase the program PowerPoint.

PowerPoint is what type of program?

Microsoft PowerPoint is a Slide Presentation Software

Can you do a PowerPoint presentation on an iPad?

You can make a Keynote presentation using Keynote for iPad, which costs $9.99/£5.99 (I think) and export it as a PowerPoint file.

What music is good for a PowerPoint presentation?

There is no single answer. It will depend on what the presentation is about. You would choose music that is suited to the type of presentation.

How do you make a PowerPoint about bullying?

You can make a presentation about Bullying on PowerPoint. This can be made with pictures, stats made into charts etc.

How do you get a PowerPoint presentation?

You can get a PowerPoint Presentation by getting the PowerPoint software. It comes bundled with other Microsoft Products.

Where do you get a PowerPoint presentation on electrolysis for your school project?

You can make the presentation yourself on the electrolysis. It will make you understand the topic well.

What is one job that uses computers?

make a PowerPoint presentation

How can you make a good presentation?

Good PowerPoint presentations are not hard to make. There needs to be a lot of pictures, and no walls of words. The presentation should not be read off of the screen, the screen should be used simply for cues on what to talk about next.

What should you do to make your PowerPoint presentation attractive?

Don't use unnecessary words use keywords instead of phrases and use phrases instead of sentences this the best point to make our PowerPoint presentation.

What makes a good powerpoint presentation?

Put the most important information

What presentation is referred to as a file?

A Powerpoint presentation.

Why do we need to know and use MS PowerPoint?

PowerPoint presentation has become a standard format for audio-visual presentations, the slide shows are used to communicate the ideas that you want to speak about. In spite of it importance, sometimes we don't have enough time to make a good PowerPoint presentation, that really can help us

How do you move a PowerPoint presentation from PowerPoint Viewer to PowerPoint Show?


What is MS PowerPoint Presentation?

A Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation is a presentation created using Microsoft Powerpoint 2003 or 2007. It is a standard program that comes with installing Microsoft Office on your computer.

Name any software which can be used to make a presentation?

powerpoint or keynote

How do you package PowerPoint and make it play on generic DVD player?

PowerPoint has an option to package your PowerPoint presentation to CD that can be played on any computers. But the CD cannot be played on DVD players that can only play DVD movies. You need to convert PowerPoint presentation to DVD movie format. Try Moyea PPT to DVD Burner, it enables you to convert all PowerPoint presentation to DVD movie format. Thus you can play the PowerPoint presentation on TV. It will retain every elements in the presentation and convert them to DVD video format.

How do you get Hindi PowerPoint presentation?

Download PowerPoint for Hindi

What is PowerPoint 2007 used for?

PowerPoint 2007 is used to make visual aid presentations which are similar to a slideshow. When using PowerPoint 2007 it is best to outline the entire presentation since the presentation is the most important part of the slideshow.

What are the advantages of PowerPoint over the other presentation methods?

what are the advantages of powerpoint over the other presentation method