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How do you make a grabber sentence?

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By Using a quote, statistic or interesting fact in the beginning of a paper that is relevant to the topic of the paper

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attention grabber is what will make the reader want to read your essays, or something/sentence that would grab the readers attention

grabber sentences get the readers attention. it makes them want to read more.

A sentence or phrase used to catch the readers attention to make him or her read further.

If you mean grabber as in an attention grabber as in a topic sentence of an essay, here are some good ways: use an interesting quote that has to do with your essay use a short suspenseful story

This paper was approved by a Holocaust survivor.

The sentence that grabs the readers attention. Always put in the first sentence of the first paragraph of the essay.

A sentence grabber in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone is "How very wrong he was."This is when Vernon Dursley is going to sleep thinking that all the strange things happening can't possibly effect him.

A dogs' loyalty to their owner is an unbelievable bond that can never be broken.

You need to write the story first, and worry about the first sentence after you've got the whole thing down! Just start writing and come back to change your first sentence later if you want to make it more interesting!

A thesis statement is a sentence or group of sentences that outline the main purpose of the essay. An attention grabber is the hook to secure a reader's interest in an essay.

To make a chip grabber for a school project you can get started by finding a stick, a rubber band and a clamp that will help you create a basic grabber.

A lead in sentence, for papers at least, is also known as a hook, or attention-grabber. It helps to draw a reader into the publication and make them interested in it. Without one, it is a lot harder to attract the attention of the reader and get one's point across.

a lead in a story/ paragraph is the first sentence in which you introduce your topic. a lead in writing is the same as a grabber

buy one at the dollar store and paint it and put glitter on it

You grab the little yellow fish with your extending grabber

A grabber is something you use for helping you to reach or pick something up!!!

a tong is a subtitute for pasta grabber a tong is a substitute for pasta grabber

There is no broken aqua grabber but there is one good one at the iceberg.

a good attention grabber should introduce your essay by starting with a short sentence about how irony affects short stories good

# Bright Yellow # Acapulco Blue # Calypso Coral # Wimbledon White # Grabber Blue # Grabber Green # Grabber Orange

if you are talking about an interesting sentence which my teacher talks about, here is an example, "As she walked down the abandoned hallway, something immediately caught her eye."A "grabber" first sentence is something that makes you want to read more. It can be something as simple as "Bill made a fist and hit the wall," which makes you wonder why he was so angry; or it can be a complex sentence such as "As the sun set amid the falling petals, I watched the pathway in hopes that she would come."

An ip grabber is a program that will find the ip address of another computer. Often used by hackers.

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