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help them and play with them

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Q: How do you make a new student feel welcome in a classroom?
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Why is it important to have a welcome speech during an occasion?

to make your guests feel welcome and feel wanted.

What are the effects of classroom condition on students?

Effects of Classroom ConditionsClassroom condition affects the learning of every student. A student who is not comfortable inside his classroom will also have difficulties learning. Like for example, the environment overwhelmed by noise will make the classroom not conducive for learning.

What to do to make a new student feel welcome at school?

Be helpful, show them where things are and introduce them to teachers and friends just be helpful and most importantly be yourself.

How did tuck make Winnie feel?


How to you make a welcome speech for graduation student?

say will u marry me

Why is it important to make customers feel welcome?

It is important to make customers feel welcome in a place of business because they need to feel comfortable. If they are not comfortable, there is a chance that business may lose them as a customer.

How do you make a new ell student feel welcomed in a classroom?

I invite them in, shake their hands, ask their name and introduce them to the class. Then, I assign a student to mentor them for several days. Usually, the students volunteer for this and I match them with a child I think will actually help them.

Do you feel welcome?

Yes, I do feel welcome to wikianswer, and I try to make everyone else feel welcome too, especially the ones who spend a considerable amount of time with productive contributions to the educational nature of the site.

What is a good greeting for church?

Welcome to our church. We are glad you are here today. Make the parishioner feel that they are truly welcome.

How do you make your new hamster feel welcome in your house?

All you have to do is to feed it, take care for it, and give it a welcome home.

How would you go about making a customer fell welcome?

To make a customer feel welcome, you must greet them and not make them feel rushed. Common courtesy goes a long way when treating a customer right.

What does a teacher do if a student gets stuck in a classroom chair?

If a students gets stuck in a classroom chair the teacher must find out where the student is stuck and try to remedy it. If the teacher cannot get the student in the teacher should get the assistance of the principal, custodian or even the fire department if that is necessary. The teacher must make sure that the student does not get harmed while trying to free the student.

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