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Everyone makes them different, the problem is most people us really cheap stuff (call liquor) and that's why they only cost $5 and get you really drunk. You can get them at most corner stores in cities in NY state, some people have even bottled the stuff. The guy who originally created the drink was unable to get a patent because he was using named brand liquors to make it.

There are so many flavors now that you could basically mix anything you like and call it a nutcracker. My favorite is:

1 shot of Grey Goose

2 shots of Bacardi Grand Melon

1/2 shot of Moonshine

1/2 shot of Peach schnapps

Splash of apple pucker Cranberry Juice

But remember nutcrackers are only popular because they cost $5 and you get them at 24 hour corner stores after the liquor store is closed. In no way should you think that a nutcracker is a high quality drink. It's only purpose is to get you drunk really fast for really cheap.

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Q: How do you make a ny nutcracker drink?
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