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If the proper mechanics are applied, and the paper isn't holding a heavy object, then I'd imagine it might be possible. The first plane was made from paper (as well as other things, of course), so give it a go if that's what you were thinking :)

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all you have to do is Tye a sting to each corner and then Tye it to an object

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Q: How do you make a paper parachute?
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Is a parachute kept in a bag?

No a bag is not a good parachute especially a paper bag

How do you make a egg parachute?

make a big parachute

What is the best way to make a parachute?

We did a parachute experiment at school, and we investigated 2 variables. They were the canopy size and the material of the canopy. We found that the bigger the canopy, the slower the parachute will go. Also, the lighter the material, the slower it will go. Well if you use house hold materials you could use a grocery bag , string , and a paper cup to put things in and you'll also have to use a knife to put holes on please have an adult with you. warning- don't put any thing over 3 pounds in the paper cup. OR. Heat rises so if you put a candle at the bottom the parachute could stay in one place or actually RISE!

What can you do to make a toy parachute fall more slowly?

Make the parachute wider/bigger or make the parachute deeper. Make the thing pulling it down lighter. Hope this helps. =)

Pranks to do with toilet paper?

Freeze it and put it on the roller just before a "Prune Party".

How do you make a slow parachute?

the circular parachute 134.88m/s its average descent followed by a parallelogram one

How do you make a parachute that can carry a taco?

i can only use a canson paper size A2 , no glue , just paper. it has to be able to carry a taco from a 2 story building and land without breaking. Any ideas would be great.

How do you design a parachute for a middle school project?

For a middle school project, you should design a parachute that is the right size for a small action figure. You can make the parachute out of an old pair of parachute pants.

How can you make a parachute with a small area float down slowly?

You have a small person under the small parachute.

How changing the weight on a parachute makes it go slower?

A parachute must have suspended weight in order to open. If you have no weight loading the parachute will fail.

What materials can be used to make a parachute?

The best material is a trash bag!I have even done a science experiment on the topic and it is totally a trash bag.!!!!!!

What material can make a parachute go slow?

your legs