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Q: How do you make a papier mache model of a human heart?
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What is Mexican papier-mache?

It is This model made looking like mexicain made, or made in mexico, made by someone who is mexicain

How do you build a model of a foot?

You can build a model of a foot by covering a real person's foot with papier mache. Be sure to do the upper foot and lower foot in separate sittings.

How do you make a model of a 3 dimension shape of a circle?

The 3 dimensional version of a circle is a sphere - a round ball. You can make it out of putty or papier mache.

What kind of model would you use to represents the human's heart?

The type of model you would use to represent your human heart would be a physical model.

How do you make a simple model of an human eye?

Get a balloon, some paper mache, paint, and a good drawing of the eye. Blow up the balloon, cover it with paper mache and let it dry. When the paper mache is dry, pop the balloon out of it, and cut the resulting globe open. Paint the inside and the outside of your model with the paint using the drawing of the eye that you have. Add some hinges to hold the model together, and you have a nice school project. This model should take about three to five days to complete.

How do you make a model of a 3D ant?

you need to paper mache it

How do you make a model of the loch ness monster?

Paper Mache

How do you make a model of an empty 3 dimensional circle?

paper mache

What solid can you use to make a paper mache model of the globe?


A good model of the human heart might show the heart as a?

Water pump with pipes coming in and out.

How do you make model of human digestive system using recycle materials?

The easiest way to make a model of the human digestive system using recycled materials is to paper mache the model using old newspapers. You can build a frame under it of old chicken wire if you desire and lay the layers of paper mache over it.

How do you build a model of the human heart out of candy?

You take a big piece of candy, and you chip away all the parts that don't look like a human heart.