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How do you make a racing mower?

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This link should be able to help you:

this link suks verry expensive

heres how you do it

get like a second hand mower that's kinda rough get a bigger mower engine if u want then you put on a k&n airfilter and put a powernow in the carb thoes are made for dirtbikes but anybody could mod it to fit in a mower. you could also put a jet kit in the carb and bore out the engine to give it more horse power then change the pully size if it is belt driven id say a 9 inch on the engine and a 2 inch on the tranny then install an easy gas petal or lever then put an open exhaust to make it as noisy as possible and give it a little more speed, lower it , you might want to got custom stering wheel or handle bars put racing tyrods in cause stock wont handle the abuse then get some racing rims and some racing tires then got it a nice paint job then that's it

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U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association was created in 1992.

According to this link: moweracer (on the forum) invested $1500 in his.

This link should be able to help you:

LAwn Mower racing is a race when people get on lawn mowers and see which one goes faster and reaches the finish line first :)

Lawn Mower Racing- G-Team- web link

on a racing lawn mower it would be good, just rev up your engine and will engage.

pulling contests and racing Normally cutting grass.

george dufendouf in 1498 invented car racing that was not a car ot was a lawn mower it was big in Scotland and the world

get a smaller pulley for the engine. as far as clutch I'm not sure

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No you can't use a golf cart mower on a lawn mower. You have to find a muffler that matches the make and model of the lawn mower.

That depends on many things. Simply there are fewer CCs per horsepower in a highly tuned racing car engine than in a lawn mower engine.

That will vary for each make and model of mower.

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This depends on the mower. With out knowing the make and model of the mower so I can look up the type of battery this question can not be answered

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It depends on if you bought a pull start mower or a power mower. The pull start mower will have a handle you have to pull hard to start it. The power mower should have a button that simply turns it on. Make sure there is gas in the pull start mower.

To make racing more exciting.

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The sport was actually "invented" in 1973 in a pub in Wisborough Green (not far from the town of Horsham) in West Sussex, England, UK, by a group of young men bemoaning the prohibitive costs of getting involved in any kind of motorsport. They formed the British Lawn Mower Racing Association, and shortly afterwards, a northern equivalent in the form of the North West Lawn Mower Racing Association was formed. The sport was taken to the United States by the makers of a petrol stabiliser called Sta-bil, who had visited the UK and witnessed a race meeting. It has since grown to have its own national organization called the U.S. Lawn Mower Racing Association.

Make sure the mower has cooled down. Use a funnel or a gas can with a spout

Check the oil/fuel mix and make sure you have it mixed to the correct ratio. Else, try raising the blade on the lawn mower. If you have the lawn mower blade too low, mowing tall grass, it can make too much work for the mower and will cause it to overheat.