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How do you make a rap song?


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you have to be really good in ryming words and have to have a good story to rap about when you get to writing you have to have all the details of the rap your saying and make all your fans feel your rap and also listen to some other rap songs and get some ideas from those

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You start a rap song by using a beat.

Rapture was the first rap song to reach #1 but it also the first rap song period! by:Dakota

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Think of a beat then start rhyming to it.

A rap song is about 4 to 5 min long

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RapA rap song is an element of hip hop involving rhyming lyrics sung over musical instruments. A rap song is often accompanied by a DJ who samples, scratches, and mixes.

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yes, of course I can, do you want one?

You end a rap song with the chorus

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Well since merp has no meaning, no song may have it in the rap song. I hope this helped. (;

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a verse or phrase of a song, poem, or rap a verse or phrase of a song, poem, or rap

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The name of the first rap song is Rapper's Delight made in 1978/1979

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