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How do you make a ub funkeys t-shirt?


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get a picture of funkeys and iron it onto a white t-shirt

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Two UB Funkeys and a big white one called a UB hub that you put your smaller funkeys on to make them appear on screen. You also get a disc to install the game on your computer and an instruction booklet. Mattel stopped making UB Funkeys on 4th January 2010 so no new updates will be available. Also UB Funkeys doesnt work on Windows 7 64-bit.

a ub funkeys starter kit is a big funkey which you buy with 2 funkeys. You put the funkey on the top and when you play ub funkeys you will turn to that funkey.I got mine with 4 from Santa.

First you go to ub funkeys then when you go to it there is a word that saids login, click it and your username and password will be there but you have to make a username and password before logging in.

if you are new you put the disc in and download the software when it is downloaded click on th ub funkeys sign. if your not new you click on the ub funkeys sign.

You can go to AMAZON.COM to buy funkeys

Use other funkeys and that's how you change it

what hammer? which character? which world/portal?ummmmmmmmmmmmm,man i thought u coud get a hammer in ub funkeys.

Buy all the funkeys and get all the codes

im not sure but i know that ub funkeys does not sale on Scarboroughtowns walmart because i went to walmart and it doesn't have ub funkeys except for alot of hubs and two more funkeys. u can buy it on target, or buy it from the internet.

play dream state funkeys' games alot

Buy one at the one of the stores in u b funkeys

You need to buy afamiliar and the same funkeys and use them together to get a keystone

A Funkey who was never released.

hi dudes the answer is noooooooo

Unfortunately, yes in 2010.

it was cancelled in the us and uk

Go to the Oni inferiry in the hidden realm and use three funkeys to get there

is there a cheat of you can go thrue other funkeys bass

Yes. ALL Funkeys (including the ones in Adventure Packs) can work in "mega funkeys"(They are called UB Hubs)

It acually does nothing its just there to make you spend time trying to find out that it does nothing.

Downloading UB Funkeys is a fairly simple process, just follow the steps below.NOTE: UB Funkeys requires that you run on the Windows operating system, or you can use a Windows operating system virtual machine!NOTE: You must have a UB Funkeys starter kit with the installation CD or the setup downloaded from the mattel website.NOTE: Do not plug in your UB Funkey "hub" until told to .1. Insert your UB Funkeys installation CD that comes with the Starter Kit or click on the setup downloaded from the mattel website .2. Follow the instructions on the "UB Funkeys Installation Wizard"Then, a "New Hardware Found Wizard" will appear, ignore it.when prompted , insert your UB Hub , it will install the driver .it will say the hub was not installed properly , this is normal and doesn't affect the Hub.once your done with the setup , you can play !! :D

no there isent i have google'd high and low its not there :(

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