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How do you make an angel food cake mix into a regular cake?


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An angel food cake mix cannot be made into a regular cake. Angel food cake mix does not contain the necessary fat and other ingredients required in a regular cake.

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Yes, although Angel Food Cakes are typically baked in a bunt cake pan, you can bake an angel food cake in a regular cake pan. Angel food cake is the type of sponge cake, not the form it is baked in. Try using a couple of loaf pans to make your angel food cakes. I've not only done this, but have also seen this form sold at some bakeries. It may take a few more minute of baking time due to the fact that a bunt cake pan is designed round with a hollow center and heat passes through baking from inside out, but it is still possible to do so. Test the doneness of the cake as you would any other form of angel food or sponge cake.

White cake mix cannot be substituted directly for angel food cake mix. The two products have different ingredients that produce different types of cakes. However, if it is only important to have a white cake, and an angel food cake is not specifically required, then you could bake a white cake with a white cake mix instead of trying to make an angel food cake.

A chiffon cake might not rise properly if baked in a regular pan instead of in a tube pan. The tube pan (angel food) allows the cake to bake from the center as well as from the sides. A make-shift tube pan can be created by placing an oven-proof glass in the center of a regular pan. However the regular pan needs to be 3" - 4" deep to contain the volume of the chiffon cake as it rises.

A spongy cake like an angel food cake is made using egg whites.

Apparently not, because I just found multiple recipes for Angel Food Cake online that just use regular granulated sugar. Now if you want to make a glaze to put on top, you may need confectioners sugar

You will never get it out in one piece. Angel Food cake pans have a bottom that lifts out. Cut down the side and the center, lift it out and cut the bottom loose. You could use a loaf pan that is lined with parchment paper.

Angel food cake, or Angel cake, is a type of sponge cake originally from North America that first became popular in the U.S. in the late 19th century. It is named because of its airy lightness that was said to be the "food of the angels." Angel cake in the UK should not be confused with Angel food cake. Angel cake in the UK consists of three rectangular layers of sponge, coloured white, pink and yellow (not necessarily in that order). The layers are generally separated by a thin layer of white cream. Angel food cake is usually baked in a tube pan, a tall, round pan with a tube up the center that leaves a hole in the middle of the cake. A "bundt pan" may also be used, but the fluted sides can make releasing the cake more difficult.Wikipedia

Cut up strawberries then put it on an angel food cake.

They are essentially two terms for the same cake, made with only beaten egg whites for leavening. Just follow the directions.

the box should tell u on back. if it dosen't, than i have no clue. i can't cook.

You can make many things with eggwhites. The possibilities include chocolate macaroons, coconut macaroons, Egg white cake, pecan meringue cookies, chocolate angel food cake, lemon meringue pie, meringue cookies, angel food cake, frosting, pavlova, and tea cakes. Check out the related links for a site with lots of recipes.

Depending on the recipe and the volume of batter, one could use a tube pan (angel food cake pan) or bake the cake in two loaf pans.

Any recipe with baking powder. You could make Angel Food cake ones.

you make up a cake with eggs,milk and other ingredients you desire.a=when you are done mixing the ingredients in a bowl in a mixer just put it in a cake pan and bake it in the oven for a little while.wait for it to cool and enjoy. Flavors of cakes:chocolate,vanilla,angel food cake etc....

Angel food method is a type of mixing method used in baking. This type of method has no leavening agent, (i.e. baking soda, baking powder, or baking ammonia) shortening, (butter, lard, or oil) or egg yolks. The cake is baked with egg whites that are whipped and folded into the batter to give the cake its rise. Angel food cakes have a high egg white to flour ratio and make great no-fat snacks.

Yes it is possible to make a diabetic friendly cake. Take a birthday cake for example: All you have to do is pick up an angel food cake (Usually safe for diabetics.) and make sure when adding frosting or decoration to use a sugar substitute and sugar-free whip topping. An alternative to making frosting would be to cover the cake in sugar-free jello or pudding.

to make a cake you generally use self raising flour. if you wanted to make your cake a bit healthier you could use wholemeal flour.

you can make a cake with pink frosting by adding red food colouring to the icing

Start out with a pound cake and add food coloring.

You can't because the cake will not turn out right. Cakes need to be bakes in a regular oven.

no sour cream won't make a cake rise. i am 9 and still a food expert.

Baking soda is a chemical ingredient that can be used to make cakes rise, whipped egg whites can also do the same in items such as Angel food cakes.

it is where you make food pretty and you like for example put buttercream on a cake.

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