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The easiest way to jump is by entering this code in the correct places. You could set the gravity but this way is easier. This will work in both the pro and lite

put this code in you Create event of you player

falling=false; //Variable for Falling

hitting=false; //Variable for if you are hitting something

grav=7; //Gravity

movement=6; //Speed at which you move

jump=0; //Used for jumping

jumping=false; //If you are jumping or not

space=false; //if space is pressed

doublejumping=false //if doublejumping

doublej=0; //for doublejumping

put this code in you step event of you player


if(!collision_point(x,y,ground,true,false) && !jumping && !doublejumping) //not touching ground, or jumping{

y+=grav; //Move down the number gravity

grav=7; //Keeps gravity set

falling=true; //says the player is falling


if(keyboard_check_pressed(vk_space)){ //if keypressed SPACE

space=true //space=true. For other purposes


if(keyboard_check_released(vk_space)){ //if space not pressed

space=false //space is false


if(space=true && jumping==false) //if space is pressed, and jumping is false{

jumping=true; //jumps

space=false //space no longer pressed


if(space=true && jumping==true && doublejumping=false) //if space pressed, player jumping, and not doublejumping {

doublejumping=true //doublejumps

jumping=false //no more jumping


if(jumping) //if jumping is true{

y-=jump; //go up jump

jump-=.5; //lower jump a little

if(jump<0) && doublejumping=false //if jump is nil and not doublejumping {

falling=true; //fall


if(jump<-10) { //if jump is below -10, set it to 10




if(doublejumping) //if doublejumping{

y-=doublej; //go up doublej

doublej-=.5; //lower doublej a little

if(doublej<0) { //is doublej is nil, fall



if(doublej<-10) { //if doublej is below -10, set it to -10




if(collision_point(x,y,ground,true,false) && falling) { //if touching ground and falling

jump=10; //jump is 10, for next jump

jumping=false; //No longer jumping

falling=false; //no longer falling

doublejumping=false //no longer doublejumping


if(keyboard_check(vk_left)) { //MOVEMENT. if left key is pressed

x-=movement; //move left


if(keyboard_check(vk_right)) { //if right pressed

x+=movement; //move right


if falling=false && jumping=true { //if falling is false, and jumping is true


doublej=10; //doublej is 10



Done. if you r having trouble download the example

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Q: How do you make an object 'jump' in a Game Maker game?
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