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How do you make cheese sauce?

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"Making_Cheese_Sauce" id="Making_Cheese_Sauce">Making Cheese


"Method_1:" id="Method_1:">Method 1:

I think velveeta melts the best but it sure is bad for you. I add a

bit of milk to a pan and add pieces of velveeta and melt it over

low heat.

"Method_2:_br_/" id="Method_2:_br_/">Method 2:

You need cornflower. first you put a bit of cornflower in a glass

bowl, then mix it with some milk or water, either will do. then you

get a saucepan and put it on top of the oven and keep stirring it,

otherwise it will stick and go hard. then once that's gotten a bit

thicker add cubes of cheese until they have melted.

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