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gigs or local band nights.

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Q: How do you make emo friends?
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Do emos have not emo friends?

Not all. I'm emo and none of my friends are emo.

How do you find emo friends?

you can find emo friends on or there is a lot of websites you can go on to find them.

Can you have friends and be emo?

Baka. Of course! Do you know anything about being emo?

Is there people who stopped to be emo?

yes there are. One of my friends used to be emo but she isn't anymore.

My friends sister is emo?

No, if your friend's sister claims she's emo, she's most likely to be an emo wannabe/try-hard.

Is Clara gay?

no she is 1 of my best friends she is emo ! yeh u right she an emo NOT GAY !!!

My friends call me emo because most of the time i stay alone and don't talk and i listen to sad music and stay in the dark dose that make me emo?

No, it doesn't make you emo, it just makes you somewhat of a loner who likes the dark. Theres a lot of people like you who listen to sad music, and I'm surer most of them are'nt emo.

Advantages and disadvantages of being emo?

you can't really choose to be emo if that's why you want to know i wouldn't say that you want to be emo. its really hard. people hate emo people for no reason honestly it may seem cool, but if you can't handle being emotional, don't be emo emo people are angry, confused, or depressed. but if you are emo. be emo and proud make sure you have friends to back you up its not only how you feel but how you dress and the music you listen to

How do you get a job in an Emo band?

learn to play the electric guitar or start your own band with emo friends

Can a person of any sexual orientation be considered emo?

Not all emos are gay, i'm emo and most of my friends are emo and none of us are gay

Do you have to get a emo hairstyle to make it look emo?


Why do you want to be emo when non of your friends are?

Hun, you cant' want to be emo, being emo is something that just sort of happens, it's a long life process.